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Zara running out of ideas? go back to the past with 1990 collection

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Zara running out of ideas? go back to the past with 1990 collection

Zara is one of the favorite fast fashion stores of Mexicans, despite the fact that it has been singled out for selling disposable garments that end up seriously polluting the environment, such as Shen or Gap.

Their strategies place it with millionaire sales and this time they will bet on the consumption of classic and iconic garments belonging to their 1990 and 2000 collections. It seems that they ran out of ideas and that it is easier to recycle the collections than to think of new designs, although with this the success they can have is enormous because it plays the powerful marketing of nostalgia.

It is necessary to understand well how to retake the garments, they are not second-hand, but from a redesign of various pieces from their past collections Kuwait Email Address called Archive Collection 1996/2012, with 17 pieces among which are shirts, long dresses, coats, vests, pants, boots and stilettos.

Zara’s intention is to revive campaigns from past decades with a new touch, as revealed from their official Instagram account. She launched her campaign with the following models: Amber Valletta, Carolyn Murphy, Kate Moss, Stella Pennant and Sask de Bravura.

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Zara for Indite in the face of contingency
The brand is the star of Group Indite, over its partners Berserk, Pull and Bear and Showy, so this movement aims to return it to figures of glory that it has always registered, because in the face of contingency, its numbers have declined.

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In mid-March, the retailer began to run out of merchandise and does not operate warehouses, but with about 3,500 stores around the world closed, the balanced cycle was reaching the breaking point. During April, Indite sent an unusual request to employees seeking volunteers to remove clothing and accessories left in warehouses at the hundreds of Zara, Asimov Dutch and other brands stores to fulfill e-commerce orders.

This, added to the successful strategy that Mancini Ortega found by accident, led to saving the figures from a fatal fall. Indite had introduced so-called RFID tracking, using radio frequency identification within the alarm tag that transmits the garment data to a reader. The label is activated as soon as a product enters a stock center, and then it is deactivated when the item is sold, which provides Indite with exact and real-time control over its inventory.

Indite sales fell 44 percent between February and April, to 3.303 billion euros, before the closure of 88 percent of its stores in the world, but even so, the owner mobile lead of Indite managed to overcome the issue successfully. In the next two years, you will be looking for online sales to be 25 percent of your turnover and not the 14 percent that it is today.

In contrast, the approach of their Nordic rival Hennas & Maritza has led them to a loss report four times that of Indite, because it has long been difficult for it to reduce its inventory accumulation of $ 4 billion.

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