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Lego launches Friends set and shows why Netflix should have kept it in its catalog

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Lego launches Friends set and shows why Netflix should have kept it in its catalog

An excellent marketing strategy, especially with millennial, is to appeal to nostalgia and it seems that Lego and Warner have understood this concept very well, as they will bring a new set that is based on the Friends series, will it be a success?
Despite its lifespan, the series remains current in popular taste.
After the series left Netflix, HBO Max was the one who hosted it
Lego launched a whole series of sets for adults including one inspired by the series

Warner and Lego are hand in hand and this time it is not to bring something from the bat man, like a new set where he faces the Ocker or something like that, but to bring a new Lego set based on the popular Friends series Australian Email list. And we say new because in the past it had already launched one where it recovered the most emblematic moments of the series, but now, it has made it clear that it is going for more and the new set of pieces will be able to give ‘life in blocks’ to the most popular apartments in the series.

Friends has earned a special place in the hearts of all fans of the series. Even though the sitcom came to an end 17 years ago, it continues to gain new followers, so if you are a faithful follower of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey, this news is going to fit you like a glove. and at the same time it will give you an important lesson of what Nostalgia Marketing can represent in your engagement.

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Friends Lego set has caused a stir
Since its announcement in the last hours, the set has caused a stir among fans, because it is not a new version of the previous et, but a completely new ‘staging’ where with the popular blocks you can give life to both iconic apartments featured in the series, as announced by the Lego company this morning:

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Of course, the comments from some fans and Twitter users have not been long in coming, giving a glimpse of the excellent advertising movement that the block company, once dedicated solely to children’s entertainment, has achieved:

Nostalgic marketing the order of the day
If we go back to the basics, nostalgia marketing uses icons from the past to attract consumer attention and relive happy moments. Thus, a very positive state of mind is generated, conducive to connecting with our target at a very high emotional level. The feeling of nostalgia derives from the longing to relive a past that has been idealized, and combines many mobile lead different memories with a strong association between them. In this process, the human brain filters out negative emotions. This allows us to get an idea of ​​the associative depth that a brand has that manages to sneak into these memories, the positive impact is of great value.

This is precisely what Lego has achieved through the earner Friends series, which while Netflix reported large numbers of views, the streaming platform had to ‘let it go’ to be hosted by HBO Max -at least in Mexico- this set, which is entirely dedicated to adults, is an ideal example of what engaging brands can achieve by appealing to nostalgia marketing.

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