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YouTube bets on beauty; this will be the first virtual festival

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YouTube bets on beauty; this will be the first virtual festival

The beauty content creators are an essential part of the enormous variety of productions that we can find on YouTube, the social network that opened the doors to great current influences, so the commercial giant decided to bet on creating its first virtual festival of beauty.

Named # Beauty Fest , the event promises endless activities for all lovers of cosmetics and fashion, where there will be hairstyle challenges, makeup trends, live Australian Email Address tutorials and talks about the industry that year after year add followers and new content creators.

As if this were not enough, the virtual event will be free, so any YouTube user will be able to attend from ten o’clock at night next Friday, May 14, to enjoy stellar guests that include from digital celebrities to international artists.

Thus was born the idea of ​​the #Beauty Fest
The event organized by the YouTube fashion and beauty director, Derek Blaster, seeks to show the relevance of this sector within the industry and especially in the social network, this being an opportunity to expand the market and make emerging creators known .

“We have seen creators go from being makeup gurus in small towns to creating their own media empires … (#Beauty Fest) marks the beginning of a new era of beauty on the platform where it all began,” explained Blaster to local media.

From YouTube to international companies
As Derek Blaster mentioned, the platform has gained strength in recent years to launch bloggers into the makeup and fashion industry offline, such is the case of the Mexican Mariand Castration Castaneda, better known as Yuma,

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According to a Statista survey, Yuya is the most subscribed beauty content creator on the video platform with 24.6 million subscribers to her channel in January 2021, so her influence has extended to creating her own lines. of cosmetics.

Likewise, its channel remains one of the most followed on the entire platform, showing that the content related to fashion and beauty, such as makeup and skin care tutorials, cosmetic purchases and product recommendations, are of the most popular on the platform.

Beauty on YouTube can be an ally for brands
In 2018, beauty-related content on YouTube garnered more than 169 billion video views, a nearly three-fold increase from previous years, with product campaigns being the most popular content in the industry.

Where do influences come in? Despite the popularity of the campaigns, according to the Digital Beauty Counter published by Pix ability, it is actually the content mobile lead of the users themselves that drives the views.

The same study indicated that the views of influences represented 60% of the reproductions of beauty content on the video platform, while the markets and publishers were only 39% of the views.

In addition, it should be noted that for consumers of these products, YouTube ranks higher than television in terms of its attractiveness for beauty-inspiring content, so betting on promoting and spreading a brand from these specialized niches could turn it into a complete success, or a resounding failure.

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