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Candidate utilize jingle LGBT para su publicized y es victim de burkas

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Candidate utilize jingle LGBT para su publicized y es victim de burkas

There is little left until July 6, the date on which the elections in Mexico will take place. Candidates try to display their proposals in the most attractive way for voters in the election campaign. Some opt for radio and television spots and several have their own jingle to promote themselves.
Most of the songs used by candidates or their campaign managers are usually based on commercial music hits that are on everyone’s lips.

What is a Jingle?
A jingle is a sung advertising message. This type of message consists of a short song. It usually does not exceed 60 seconds. It should be easy to remember.

Jingles are used to accompany banner ads Argentina Email address. This advertising strategy has its own characteristics. Its structure and shape make it a jingle and not a song.. In jingles it is customary to say the name of the brand. Sometimes they include the slogan created for the marketing campaign. This type of strategy is known as auditory branding.

Immediately the comments were immediate on social networks

Candidate knows she made a mistake
Fuehrer Poe Mexico is a party that is characterized by being against abortion and equal marriage, so since its Jingle is an LGBT + theme it does not carry congruence, that is why she published the following statement.

This song was made taking as a reference the song Passionate by Madison Basra Official and Seiko Cede, I am a candidate from the LGBT + population, my intention in taking this reference song was to reaffirm this belonging with PRIDE, Yes, I felt a point when questioning me for doing it when jingling is a normal practice in a campaign, the only difference is that I wanted it to be a song that is also an icon for me, but someone in their comments said that the point It was not by taking the reference song, but because I did not contribute to the dissemination of the original artist, and that is dd !!

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And here I am correcting my unintentional mistake, I do politics to add, I am an activist not only for LGBT + rights, I have also been an activist for women’s rights and animal protection, I am in politics now because I have ideals, they do not have to believe me. blind, with the bad reputation that politics has … blindly asking for trust is even rude! .

The video was downloaded from social networks due to criticism of the jingle by users.

Let’s remember more controversial Jingles in Mexico
Mexico Now!
For the 2000 elections, the team of the then candidate, Vicente Fox, applied the “Mexico Ya!” Campaign, accompanied by a song with mobile lead a distinctive phrase and sounds that make it one of the most memorable within the national political strategy:

The song has been placed within the digital trends and so far it has registered more than 4 million views since December 18, which was placed on MC’s official YouTube channel.

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