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Brands bet on Micro-influences for the Hot Sale 2021

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Brands bet on Micro-influences for the Hot Sale 2021

One of the biggest events for online shopping and sales in Mexico is yet to come. Hot Sale 2021 will take place in the last days of May, Internet users will be able to purchase various products without having to leave home.

The Hot Sale is the name of the online sales campaign promoted by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), which seeks indian embassy in afghanistan email address to incentive, support and promote the development and expansion of electronic commerce and the digital economy in Mexico, through tools and the union of efforts between authorities, banks, stores and brands.

It was established that the 2021 Hot Sale offers will begin on Sunday, May 23 and will end until Monday, May 31 , that is, eight days full of promotions and online sales. Try to keep an eye on your favorite brands so as not to miss the opportunity and take advantage of the discounts or promotions that they can handle.

In the Hot Sale 2021 of Mexico the variety of comparisons is immense from electronics, clothing, furniture, footwear, video games, beauty items, sports, children, accessories for pets, travel, entertainment services, among many others; all with various brands and suppliers.

The new data driven advertising
During all its editions, the Hot Sale has had more than 40 million online buyers; The main reason why Internet users will buy products during the Hot Sale 2021 is because they consider that buying online brings certain benefits, such as price comparison, variety of products, payment facilities and of course promotions and discounts.

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According to an AMMO study, in this eighth edition, Hot Sale 2021, eight out of ten digital buyers are expected to be interested in purchasing a product for themselves. In this sense, it was also discovered that the profile of the Hot Sale 2021 buyer is the man between 35 and 44 years old, coming from CDMX .

Influences and Microelectronics
Influence marketing has been hitting hard in recent seasons and its importance will continue to grow. However, there is a segment that will stand out in a special way.

Influence marketing seeks to identify and contact opinion leaders and influences, mainly on social networks, so that they help brands and businesses to connect with their audience in a natural and spontaneous way.

However, the increasingly frequent use of these leaders, often famous personalities in their sphere of influence, is reducing the credibility of the messages of support for the brands.

Thus, the challenge for business now resides in identifying the leaders of small groups, people who are influential in their scope, smaller, but with a greater mobile lead potential for credibility: the micro-influences.

These micro-influences have very loyal followers and are usually well aware of the issues they discuss on their social networks. Campaigns with micro-influences are more credible and spontaneous.

He reported that the months with the highest investment were May and June, due to the Hot Sale . During that period, there was a growth in the number of campaigns 37 percent higher than that of the rest of the year. The investment range in these campaigns was from ten to four thousand dollars.

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