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From influencers to entrepreneurs: this is how these own brands were born

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From influencers to entrepreneurs: this is how these own brands were born

More and more influences decide to venture to create their own companies, trusting that their loyal followers will be part of this endeavor.
Influences have become one of the main marketing strategies for companies
The competition to attract more consumers brings with it a greater demand for these new celebrities
Influence marketing is a strategy that uses some opinion leaders in social networks, with a large number of followers, to present brands in an “organic” way with covert advertising and for which the actors receive some payment for the promotion of their products.

Businesses use this type of online marketing to establish or expand the reach of a brand more quickly than with traditional media. Bloggers, journalists, and celebrities are also suitable influences.

Hiring influences by different brands to attract more customers is one of the preferred activities of various businesses, however, some influences Afghanistan Email Address have taken a step to stop being just promoters of a product and start marketing their own.

Entering into the creation of products has become a benchmark for some of the influences who have gained more strength in recent years, but this is not an impediment to continue collaborating with other brands, reinforcing that commercial alliances are and will continue to be part important within the industry.

One, two, or more influencer ventures
Although not all the influences’ ventures have resulted in success on social networks, this has not been an impediment for these renowned personalities to go ahead with the commercialization of their products, here we bring you some clear examples of this.

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Juana Puritan

‘Capella’, the clothing and accessories brand had a strong boom when the creator of digital content joined the ranks of the business as a partner, creator, spokesperson and collaborator, reaching that their products were sold out shortly after being launched, without However, in June 2020 Juan Pablo said goodbye to the brand by ensuring his vision and that of his partners was no longer the same.

However, this venture was the door for many more, such as the creation of other clothing brands, ‘Zeta’, which already has its first collection or even its own brand of mineral water made in Mexico, for which millions of Mexicans were against it.

Anna carelessly

Anna Sally’s ventures have been some of the most controversial in social networks, and the Mexican influencer on health and beauty issues has mobile lead opted to create two businesses, the first of which was her own collection of wines called ‘Liquid Stories’ , which included two types of wine: one rosé and one red.

Although at first the idea of ​​enjoying a wine in the characteristic style of the influencer seemed to be a great idea, the influencer received many complaints about problems with orders, so it seems that the idea of ​​this business remained in the past .

Carelessly is currently betting on the world of fashion, with accessories, bags, hats and clothing, which although it was also harshly criticized, seems to have a future in the market.

Inquisitor Communicates

Whoever once thought that large industries would not have competition from entrepreneurs was very wrong, an example is Inquisitor Communicant who launched ‘Pillion’, his own mobile phone system.

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However, this is not his only business, the you tuber also has a clothing line under the name of ‘Rey Palomar’, he owns the Japanese restaurant Deigo & Kaito, and even launched a spicy tequila liquor called ‘Big Bad’.

Success or not, evolution exists
Despite the fact that, like any other undertaking, these may not obtain the expected success, influences do not stop betting on ceasing to be promoters of a company, to become promoters of their own businesses.

Although at the moment most continue to share their content along with their ventures, so the doubts about whether the reputation or power of these content creators can be the same within the next few years remains a mystery that we can respond in the next few years.

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