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Industrial de la mods Esmeralda USO de reels para aerate respectable

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Industrial de la mods Esmeralda USO de reels para aerate respectable

In most cases, the reels are replicas of original content from another platform, so the Facebook photography giant is looking for new strategies
Instagram seeks to position reels as one of the new ways of making content.

Your update still can’t beat Ticktock
The reels first appeared in August 2020, in the midst of the health crisis and the sensation of their oriental competition, causing different controversies for and against this Instagram update, however, the platform is determined to make them a hit more.

The implementation of short videos on social networks became an important update for the markets, however, recording these as a strategy to reach more angola mining companies email list viewers became even more important with the creation of Ticktock and Instagram Reels, both so that the latter will be vital for one of the most important nights in the fashion industry.

Less than a year after its launch, its impact still could not be compared to that of Ticktock, but it has made a place among users, who increasingly choose to share content on this Instagram function, which is why the company belonging to Facebook is going for a new alliance.

Instagram plays with fashion
Fashion and beauty are some of the main sectors of the platform, which in 2021 accounted for just over 10% of brand interactions (comments, shares and likes) from Instagram in Mexico, behind another important sector for industry, electronic commerce, according to the Industry Report: E-commerce in Mexico.

Likewise, the impact of the fashion industry within the platform is relevant, so Eva Chen, fashion director on Instagram, announced that the popular MET Gala 2021 will be able to be seen from reels, in the style of an insider.

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The exhibition A Lexicon of Fashion , which is focused on gender, race and entity, will take place on September 13, where the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET for its acronym in English) will be transformed into a house for reflect the times in which we live.

“I am excited that Instagram is part of it. I have taken a look at the impressive selection that Andrew Bolton is making, ”explained Eva Chen on Instagram TV.

The role of reels in the gala and business
Instagram plays an important role in the great celebration of fashion, as it will be a way to exploit the visual scenarios of the night, as well as to introduce young, diverse and talented designers, in real time before the MET.

This addition to the great industry reaffirms the importance of creating content in reel format to reach more people, who could well mobile lead be interested in your products (if your business is commercial) or to get new fans for those who seek to grow in the digital world.

With the arrival of Ticktock and this new Instagram feature , more and more people are betting on promoting their brands in a dynamic, simple and striking way, something that in the time of Generation Z could bring with it a new wave of consumers.

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