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The risks of using an Apple Air Tag and other pagers

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The risks of using an Apple Air Tag and other pagers

Among the most recent additions to the Apple catalog is the Air Tag, a tracking device that allows you to locate your objects from your mobile devices using the “Find your iPhone or iPad” through Bluetooth, however, this product has already registered one of his first problems, which seems to be very serious.

Although the Air Tag is not a 100% innovative product, locator tags have been targeted by large technology companies as one more business opportunity for 2021, despite the fact that they have been on the market for several years.

But what happened? Just 10 days after its launch, a German managed to hack into the system of the new product that could well threaten the privacy Albania Email List of users, who in one way or another already share it with the company on many occasions when carrying one of their devices.

Despite the fact that Apple’s own website indicates that user privacy is high since the device does not store information or your location history, that only you can see where it is and even that all data remains encrypted Since neither Apple will have access to your location nor the identity of the device that helps you find it, there are always ways to attack user privacy.

The case of the German
The Air Tags could be placed on the key chain so as not to lose the keys, suitcases, valuables or anything you want to locate or be afraid of losing, except children and pets, to be located within a range of 15 meters with Bluetooth or anywhere around the world with the help of other users and the Apple network.

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Given how shocking the product sounds on its own, a German security expert shared on Twitter (Stack Smashing) claimed that he hacked the device, and demonstrated it with a video posted on the social network.

he managed to have control of the Air Tag’s micro controller, which allows him to perform actions such as changing the website that the device shows to people who connect by NFC to try to return the object to its owner.

The risks that the hack presented to Apple
By being able to make the change to the page that is displayed when you lose your device, replacing Apple’s contact information page, this could mobile lead generate a phishing trend , which translates to impersonating the identity of the company and redirecting the user to a malicious website in which you could be scammed, either by asking for your personal passwords or other data.

Although this situation was carried out under a citizen who did not seek more than to verify the security of the device, in the wrong hands this security hole would have caused problems for the brand by exposing user information in a “very simple” way .


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