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Este es el perfil del comprador digital mexicano

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Este es el perfil del comprador digital mexicano

what is the band that this website is about?
The purchase of digital products has convinced us of a recent trend in the latest trends in Mexico, even more furious in the 2020 trance of the corona virus pandemic, but because of the potential consumers of your products are more favorable .

If ever there was more to the Mercado, there would be opportunities to sell one verse to the next diversity, to promotions and articles, to the Mexican Association of Vesta to present some of the data that we have. compressor digital Mexican.

If one realizes the inception of 2021, more than the Algeria Email Address of customers in Mexico between 25 and 44 months, we think that at least 5% will be lost, since this is the sector with men. product by internet.

Hombres o murderess

The number of consumers revealed that more than the number of digital buyers of women (53%), with a difference of only a few points on their heads. This is among the more than 57 million users of electronic commerce in Mexico that are expected to grow this, with the Digital Market Outlook.

Que es lo Que Mexicans comp ran mes
The greatness of the commercials increasing their selves, without any hiccups, such as the “comical a domiciliary” which is an important augmentation, the two terrestrial digital entries in the encyclopedia offer. This category.

Other sectors that have benefited from the latest products, such as belle and personalized ones, to register a higher percentage of customers with 50% of their customers incinerated, will be categorized as high demand only for free.

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For those who decide not to buy on the internet
The idea that the creation of compresses in line is invincible, since there are people who resist to use this form of commerce to seek some of their products, because those empires and merchants have to deal with the fact that they are in Mexico This is an alternative.

It seems that 80% of the Mexicans on the Internet do not count on the Internet because they do not want to be deceived by electronic fraud mobile lead. Asymmetry, a 74% of those who actually realize digitally reveal that they don’t have the confidence to share their data barrios. For the first time, only a 25% of those inquisitors who do not realize comparing the line manifested will not understand how to compare on the internet.

If you want to conform to the Mercado crease
The expansion of the market from the pandemic of Covid-19 to intensification, because it is the same number that has the number of digital users, like the percentage of Mexicans that realizes comparing the line increments constantly at the extremes of what it is New brands, and those that don’t, implement new alternatives for this important sector of publicity, looking for a conference of queries that aren’t realizing compares to the internet and as much as we want our clients.

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