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How to identify fake fans on Facebook

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How to identify fake fans on Facebook

Great controversy is causing in recent months the purchase of fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter and followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, it is something that cannot be controlled but that is being seen more and more … Do you want followers or fans of the weight? You can have them for very little money … What will it do for you? To tell a brand that you have 100,000 followers, but for little else … Does it make sense? Not really, as always, a good community is not one that abounds in terms of numbers, but one that is of quality and that has an engagement, something in which your followers and fans participate and interact with your page. Something basic that still many people do not understand …

Last February, our friend Facebook announced that it had more than 1,230 million monthly active users and that 11.2% of that number were false. Chance?

Although Facebook for all these months has been trying to get rid of those fake profiles, as much as it wants to, they continue to reproduce and faster and faster 阿根廷电话号码表. When Facebook detects through spam comments on your page that an account is fake (whether purchased or not), it directly removes the update of your page from your news timeline.

At the beginning of 2014, Facebook made big changes in its algorithm in the part of the timeline, filtering the one that was of the best quality and differentiating it from the rest, showing the content that is more relevant, and that has more participation, but there is still much to do .

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1. How can we identify if we have fake profiles on our Facebook page?
Whether it is from fans that we have bought, or fans that come to us organically, it is easy to identify whether or not they are fake. Just look at the profile, location and frequency of interaction they have with the different pages they follow.
Studies show that 43% of fake Facebook profiles haven’t even bothered to update their Facebook status at some point.

Yes, as we all know, there are companies that are dedicated solely and exclusively to creating fake profiles and spam pages.

A good idea, to find out if a profile photo is false or not, check it directly with Google Images . If the image appears several times in different social media accounts, under different names, friend…. That account is fake.

97% of fake profiles on Facebook are women. According to a study by Barracuda Labs Tweet this

Another way to find out if an account is fake or not is by measuring its interaction . If the sole purpose of a user is to participate in contests.

2. How to eliminate those fake fans that we have detected?
It is one of the easiest parts of all this. It is enough to change and use Facebook as a page , and not as a personal profile. Once we have accessed, you just have to click inside the notification bar on «friends» and see the list of friends by clicking on select all to see the complete list of fans. Once you have it, you will only have to select the false ones with a single click and click on remove.

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3. How to protect your page against new fake users?
To prevent spammers from reappearing, one of the best ways we have to protect our account is by checking the settings on our Facebook page. Once we have accessed, we will only have to enter the country restrictions and block those countries that do not interest us in order to avoid possible false accounts. Many of the fake Facebook accounts are from countries like Bangladesh, India and Indonesia.

Once you access the country restrictions part, you have two options: Either show your page to the countries you want, or on the contrary, hide your page from users of the countries you want. You just have to write the names of the countries and that’s it. In this way, no user from these countries will be able to see your page.

4. Beware of contests
Creating contests is a good incentive for your users, but not at any price . Contests are always a double-edged sword. They are a good way to increase the volume of fans in a short time, but not to increase the participation and engagement of your Facebook page. Contests are often a real magnet for fake accounts.

If we google, we find a multitude of pages dedicated solely and exclusively to the search for free gifts and raffles on different Facebook pages, and they provide such information, including direct links.

If you are going to do a contest or a sweepstakes on Facebook, worry before what type of contest you are going to do , what type of user you want to reach, if you want the contest to start a new user acquisition or to activate those you already have captured to get to know them a little more.

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To avoid a large influx of fake profiles, offer for example local or specific prizes that can only be picked up by people in a certain place. In addition, you can help with contest applications such as Agoraphobia , Woo box , Short-stack , which allow you to establish somewhat stricter rules and thus prevent more fake profiles from entering.

5. Beware of excessive use of hashtags
Using hashtags to get more results is not bad at all, but using them wisely. Many people on Facebook search through hashtags for everything that has to do with giveaways, gifts, free, etc. Just as a hashtag can help you give yourself more visibility, it can do the opposite and attract the wrong people to your Facebook page.

6. Facebook Ads, how to use them
Create ads targeting specific demographics and limited areas. In this way you will prevent profiles that do not interest you from entering your Facebook page 移动线索 without further ado. Use the locations, which are for something.

As you can see, there are many ways to identify if you have fake users on your Facebook page, only that many times we are not interested in taking away a certain volume of fans at a stroke, but of course, that is already on your conscience.

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