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Mastering content dissemination in your content marketing strategy

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Mastering content dissemination in your content marketing strategy

Content is our most important asset. The scenario that we will always seek is to create content that catches the attention of our target audience and that keeps them in continuous interest.

In order to create content related to the interests of our users, we must ask ourselves and know how to answer a series of questions: Who are they? What do they like and what not? What makes us read and not others? What can we add value to them? With this information we can develop buyer-personas , which will allow us to know their concerns to map the content in each phase of the purchase cycle.

How can we make these calls for attention to capture the interest of users?
Limit your content to a specific audience 新西兰电话号码表, because each of the users we are targeting has a very different motivation.

Think about what your product or service can do for others.
Make content optimized that answers the basic questions and needs of users (if you don’t know what they are, you will be wasting your time and will not get results).

Customize. As a person interacts with you, they go through different stages. Each of the stages requires different actions, and as we learn about user behavior at each stage, we will better personalize the messages to suit your specific needs.

Measure. What are we achieving with the content we have created? What do we want to achieve? Conversions? Leads? Visibility?
How do we distribute the content?

Once we have the perfect content, we have three routes of distribution. For a content to work you have to work a strategy that covers these three routes.

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Own means. They are our dissemination channels. The blog, emailing and our social networks. At all times, we control the dissemination of content. They present the main axis of a brand, but they do not have the scope that it takes to properly disseminate that content.

Earned media. They are the actions that refer to content produced by our users or followers in an organic way. That is, they are all those publications that our users make on social networks: comments, links, posts, etc. They are important because they mark the prescription status of our community (Do you have thousands of visits and don’t organically generate anything? So you don’t have a community). Ideally, we should find a way to take advantage of this content to reuse it in our own content strategy, always mentioning users. Because the own experience of others can serve for future clients that we have and will generate that others want to participate.

Paid media. It is the paid content. From banners, to sponsored content, promoted posts on social media, etc. The advantage of this type of action is that if we create a highly segmented, well-organized campaign focused on what we want to achieve, it can be very efficient 移动线索. Thanks to it, we can achieve a reach that we could not achieve organically. As a disadvantage , the big problem is that this type of action does not usually have the same effect as the previous ones, since, being something outside your community, the audience does not have the same connection with the brand.
In this Venn diagram we can see how these three media perfectly complement each other so that our content is distributed in the correct way.

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Each medium has advantages . Ideally, within your content marketing strategy you dedicate time to each of them. In the end, the actions of these three media complement each other. Therefore, the ideal is to measure and analyze what each one of them brings us and the return on investment based on the effort we have dedicated.

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