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10 reasons to use info graphics in your content

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10 reasons to use info graphics in your content

The info graphics help us understand complex processes or large amounts of data at a glance . It makes the most complex message become a simple outline that allows us a quick understanding.

For this reason, it has ended up becoming one of the main methods to create and display content easily and quickly. Without a doubt, it is a way of generating content, illustrating a news item or simply giving information in a different way, but …

Where to start?
Collect information. It is the first step, so before you get to the design, collect all the data you want to show in the info graphic. Nurture yourself with 俄罗斯电话号码列表 resources to create info graphics that help you obtain all the data you need.

Find the meaning you want to give it. Your info graphic has to be special, breathe like you breathe and speak your language. A boring info graphic starts with boring data. Find that “great story” that you want to tell and that you want to recount. Create a hierarchy. Set priorities, search for data and think about what goals you want to set. The main objective will be the true organizational axis of the info graphic.

Make a wire frame. Once you have everything tied and more than tied, think about how you want to represent it. Make a solid structure, select the most interesting facts and data and place them according to a certain hierarchy. Then build a visual representation of the information.

Choose a format. How do you want to represent the info graphic? Give it your own approach and think of the best way to tell what you want to show. The shape of your info graphic is up to you, but in this post you will find several examples that can serve as inspiration .
90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and images are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text .

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Why should you use info graphics in your content?
They fit perfectly into any display shape and design . We can use them in both traditional and digital media. They allow millions of formats and that makes them much more attractive, since they adapt perfectly to new media and the devices we use to consume information.

They make our brain process information better , since they simplify complex ideas, and help us to understand more complicated data, thanks to images that make them simpler.

When it comes to comprehension rates, info graphics are easier to remember than plain text. They work 80% more than content in which we only find text, since they simplify complex ideas, and help understanding thanks to the fact that they break down the text into simpler images.

It uses ingredients that allow us to be comfortable, such as illustrations, icons, graphics, diagrams or titles, which facilitate understanding. They serve to explain complex processes . They are perfect for breaking down and simplifying ideas. They favor brand recognition (if you follow the same line and the same style that makes it recognizable).

They increase web traffic , if the info graphic is of quality and is linked to the brand’s website, it will increase its traffic.
They are read and understood quickly 移动线索. It helps to complement larger texts , as a graphic or representation of the idea that we are transmitting.

Info graphic searches on the major search engines have increased by more than 800% in just 2 years .
They are perfect for sharing on social networks , due to their nature. Info graphics, like social media, are dynamic, fast-paced, and highly visual.

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Now, you only have to put it into practice, and if you are thinking of some other different way of creating content, info graphics, it is a safe bet that works and that also provides a much more attractive visual content for the user.

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