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What content to publish on each social network?

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What content to publish on each social network?

We don’t want to overwhelm our fans, but we don’t want them to forget about us either. The first question we always ask ourselves is , What is the best time to post? Therefore, not long ago we made a post where we told you what was the best time to publish . The important thing in this sense is that you do not set a schedule, do not be squared and publish when you feel like it.

The most important thing always, is that you measure the results of your publications according to the chosen times. Because this will really give you the key to what is the best time to post according to the schedules of your followers 沙特阿拉伯电话号码表. Of course, always make your content consistent. Once we know when to post, we will move on to the next step… What do we have to post on each social network?

What content to post on Facebook?
By the nature of Facebook, the content that we can do has to be visual, that captures the attention with a simple glance and we move away from long paragraphs of text that do not contribute anything.

Be cool and don’t automate your updates. Each social network has a different audience, and keep that in mind to express yourself differently as well. Respond to comments and questions from your users. It is something that we often forget, but it is essential. There is no worse showcase, that a user asks you a question on Facebook, and that you do not answer.

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Ask the opinion of your community. How is he behaving? What kind of content do they like the most? Ask your audience questions to get ideas. Drive traffic to other websites, platforms, social networks, etc. Share links to your blog, include forms to subscribe to the newsletter, etc.
Show yourself as you are. Let it not be a robot that expresses itself for you.

Formats to power! Interleave videos with images, info graphics, text, e books, links … You have a lot of possibilities, so use them.
Get inspired by others! Follow people and companies that inspire you, read their content, and you will surely be inspired to come up with new ideas.

Search and create your own images. Images are one of the most shared content on Facebook. Remember that a publication with an image gets 53% more “Likes” than the average of articles, and 104% more comments than a publication without an image.
What content to post on Instagram?

Although it seems an easy network to use, it is not so easy. When establishing a strategy with a brand on Instagram, getting followers, notoriety, or any other metric that we want to measure, we must take into account the type of images and videos that we upload, as well as the context in which we do it.

Use hashtags , but without going overboard as I mentioned in the hashtags post on Twitter and Instagram, how far? . It is not about using 100 hashtags, but about taking 3-4 that are those that describe your image.

Be constant if you want to create a community, publish content periodically and always using your head, it is essential.
Frequency or volume? Measure the changes when you go from posting 1 photo a week to 2, when you go from posting 1 a day to 2, etc.

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If you give, you receive. One of the most effective tactics on Instagram is to try to like your photos to “reactivate” them. Look at the reactivation percentages. How many inactive followers have I liked? How many of these have returned to our profile to like a photo?

What content to post on LinkedIn?
LinkedIn helps us connect with other professionals, increases our network of contacts or simply serves as a springboard to seek new professional opportunities. But to keep it active and updated, you cannot forget about:

Keep your profile updated. Remember that LinkedIn is there for you to use. Enter periodically and update your profile data. Keep it open with your email address so that those who want to contact you can do so even if you don’t have them added. Update the photo at least once a year and link to your blog and website if you have one. Goodbye to spammers. Don’t send automatic invitations to all kinds of contacts to add you. Create personalized messages and only contact people who really interest you.

Don’t abuse private LinkedIn emails. Contact by this means when you have no other option and need to communicate something directly 移动线索. If you can get the person’s email, it is better to send an email directly to their address. When in doubt, don’t spam. Take care of the contacts you have , not only when we need them, the little details are always the ones that add up. Use groups , they are perfect for bringing together people who are interested in a topic. Use them, not only to send but also to join discussions that may interest you.

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Post useful content that interests the people you are connected to.
And remember, it is always much better to be in a few social networks but with different and quality content, than to be in many where the content is repetitive and scarce.

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