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Applications that will help you make your content more visual

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Applications that will help you make your content more visual

Are you tired of representing your visual messages always in the same way? It is clear that social networks are nothing without the image. Visual format is becoming more and more important, and we already know by heart the sizes of images in social networks , where and how to get good images for our posts , so today we are going to take another step with various applications that will help us create visual content quickly and easily.

Search for royalty-free images
Plash is a free photo archive that offers high resolution images with which you have full access to use them. These are images without copyright 新加坡电话号码表. To use it, you just have to subscribe and directly the archive gives you 10 free photos every 10 days directly to your email. The only problem with this photo archive is that you can’t browse categories, it gives them to you randomly.

New Old Stock provides old photos from public archives, without copyright restrictions. Although it does not allow us to browse by categories, it is perfect for looking for vintage images .

Animated Videos
Poltroon is a very simple application that helps you create animated videos very quickly.

It’s as easy as taking the template you want from your library and starting to use it step by step, giving it your personal touch.

Create your own color palette
With Adobe Euler , you can create your own custom color palette to match your image best. We must bear in mind that colors directly affect our perception, our emotions and our behavior, and that we associate colors with different concepts, moods, etc.

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Create charts easily
Canvas is a free tool that helps you create different images for your graphics . You can create from posters, posters, info graphics, documents, business cards, Facebook covers, graphics, etc. in a very simple way.

It offers elegant and professional designs and various templates for you to choose from 移动线索. It’s as easy as registering through Facebook or creating a username and password, and start messing around.

Create info graphics
Pontchartrain is a totally free tool with which you can make your info graphic step by step .

It offers a catalog of predefined templates to which content can be added and the structure modified with total flexibility. In addition, it adds a catalog of shapes and images classified by thematic areas so that you can customize the info graphic as you want.

Screenshots with annotations
Saving a complete screenshot of a web page is something that we often need, and with the Awesome Screenshot tool we can do it quickly just by downloading the extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox, on your computer.


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