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What are Buyer Personas? Key in any digital strategy

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What are Buyer Personas? Key in any digital strategy

The definition of our Buyer Personas will be one of the pillars of our strategy. And as we all know, if the foundations are not solid, everything we put on top will be in danger of collapsing.
In Digital Marketing we talk a lot about buyer personas , especially when we start to define the strategy . This term is used to designate a fictitious entity that we create to represent the different customer segments we want to address.

In essence, it consists of giving a name, characteristics and personality to what was once simply a segment of the population. Thanks to buyer personas 荷兰电话号码列表, we will be able to be more clear about how to connect with this type of customer and get them to convert. It allows us to specify the abstract, allowing the whole team to know at a glance the needs and type of content that must be generated for each type of client.

Buyer Personas are also essential to be able to map content within the buyer journey in our Digital Marketing strategy.

How to create buyer personas?
Remember that the typical user does not exist . You have many, and each of them is different. Only by simplifying it a lot can we group them into segments.

To create a person you must fully understand the segment of the population you want to portray and know how to synthesize it into a credible and coherent personality. This requires an immersion process that often translates into interviews with our target.

Where you live? How do you consume content? On what channels? What topics are you most interested in? Who and what influences them? What can you contribute? How long do you have to consume content? What challenges do you face in your day to day?

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Once you have all this information, make sense of it and tell a story that defines it , that allows you to give it not only a name and surname, but also a personality. It is important that you can define the keys to your buyer persona in an elevator pitch . A short paragraph with which you can define the keys to your buyer persona in less than 30 seconds.

It will help you to interview clients, former clients (whether or not they have been satisfied with you) and prospects, in order to find data that you did not know about each of them.

Here is an example of a buyer persona:

One of the most necessary skills in any current marketing discipline is empathy 移动线索. Marketing today is more focused on people than ever, so if you can’t understand your interlocutor , you will be unable to create anything with him.

You should always keep in mind that your clients may have a different point of view than you do, and understanding this is an essential step in gaining attention, interest, desire, and then action. Basing the construction of your Buyer Personas on your perceptions about it will only lead you to make one of the most frequent mistakes in this process.

A content marketing strategy will be successful if and only if you do a thorough investigation of your product and your market and thereby correctly identify and define your buyer personas.

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