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How to create a landing page that converts

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How to create a landing page that converts

Landing pages play a very important role when it comes to converting users who visit our website into leads to whom they can offer useful information during their progress in the purchase cycle.
Once we are clear about how to create the perfect content , it is time to capture the attention of users so that they are aware of the value that is offered to them and decide to trust us.

The landing pages are crucial to the conversion process . We start from an anonymous person from whom we “only” have information about what content they want to consume 日本电话号码清单. Through our landing, we manage to capture this person by offering them content that is adapted to what they want and, as a consequence, they have no qualms about sharing personal information in exchange for that content.

What is a landing page?
A landing page, or landing page, is a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads . The operation is simple: if we offer something that seduces the user, he will be more willing to leave information through a form, if this is going to get access to this and other content of interest.

Do a memory exercise and think about when were the last times you left your email… What did you get in return? Were you satisfied? This we have to take into account to be at all times up to the expectations generated.

How is the conversion process?

The first step of the conversion process is to take a user to our landing page , created to offer them the right content according to their status in the purchase cycle 移动线索. To do this, we will make use of calls to action ( call to actions ) located in related content that attract the user’s attention and that link to our landing page.

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The landing page offers more detail and focus on the content offered. Normally it contains a form with the information to be obtained from the user. By filling in and sending the form, the user will be redirected to a thank you page , where they can download the content, confirm enrollment in a course, etc.

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