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How to develop a content marketing strategy

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How to develop a content marketing strategy

The key to Content Marketing lies in the added value that we give to our user, but for that value to be real, it is important that we always offer them the best and that we treat them as unique.
Lets start by the beginning. What is content marketing? Simply create and distribute content that attracts and converts our target audience. (and “just” is saying a lot).

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”

Joe Pulitzer
Content marketing is impossible without a good strategy, so we are going to explain the necessary 阿曼电话号码表 steps to design your strategy with a series of simple questions that you must ask yourself in order to define it safely.

How to make a content strategy?
Know your current situation
Who am I and what do I do? Analyze who you are, what needs you have, what type of products or services you offer, at what price, who is your target and what points of contact you have with your customers.

Analyze your competition . What kind of content are you doing? What actions and how do you position yourself on social networks? How do you communicate with your followers and your fans? How often do you publish content? Do not forget to measure your volume of followers and fans, subscribers or any other indicator that may be relevant to understand in which market you move.
What is said about you? Your reputation is key to understanding how our brand or company is valued on the Internet, who talks about it and what is said about it.

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Define your goals
Our content strategy must always have one objective (or several) . To do this, we have to answer a simple question: What do I want to achieve with this strategy? The answers can be very varied. Generate a larger (or more active) community, increase sales, improve reputation, visibility, increase traffic, etc.

Know your target
Ask yourself questions about your target audience: Where is it? How old is it? What interests it? How does it find your content? Collect all this information and once you have it, create people who will help you better understand your audience.

How to create a person to develop your content strategy?

Give it a name and surname: give it a personality.

Check their background: gather the basic details, such as their position or what they do, where they work, their hobbies, educational level, etc.

Your demographics: where you live, your age range, gender, your income …

Personal information: what characterizes you, what are your tastes, and how is your attitude to a problem or to a certain situation.

Objectives: what is it that moves you to be one way or another?

How can we help? How we can meet your needs and what we need for it.

Also remember to bet on other formats , such as compilations, guides, success stories, reviews, interviews, tutorials, videos, contests, surveys, etc. Think that the content does not have to be flat, nor always the same, because if it is, you will bore your audience or you will always get the same type of traffic.

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Map contents
Once you are clear about who you are targeting, what content you have and which one you need, you must map that content depending on the stage your user is in in the purchase cycle. Are you a user visiting us for the first time? Are you a user who has downloaded an e book, receives our newsletter and reads us daily? Each user is different and depending on the state they are in, they need different content.

How do you distribute your content?
It is useless to have great content if then we do not take advantage of all the avenues to distribute the content and thus increase its dissemination. Publishing content through your social networks , sending an e book to your subscribers, making a good call to action or sending a personalized newsletter are some of the actions you can take to distribute content. But also, we can use payment methods to promote our content on social networks with small campaigns, banners, collaborations on other websites, affiliate marketing, etc.

Always try new things!

Analyze what you do
This last many point is one of the most important. Measurement is essential to know if what we do is working or not and to establish next steps 移动线索. You have to measure everything you do and eliminate those things that don’t work (and do it fast).

Help yourself with tools, interpret them, draw your own conclusions , use personalized links with URL shorten, analyze the behavior of your users and see what they do on your blog or on your website. How do they behave? Do you hit the download button? How much time do they spend on your website? Do they read your content? How do they find you?

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As you can see, a content strategy is much more than creating content and publishing it , thinking that it can only work. Never forget that the goal of creating and distributing content is to attract and convert our target audience.

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