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How to do Email Marketing (for real)

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How to do Email Marketing (for real)

When we hear about Email Marketing we usually get a lot of chills and we automatically think: “SPAM”. We also think it’s old-fashioned, dead, not working, etc. but this is nothing more than a fallacy. What does not work is to do it interrupting, without permission, without segmenting and without taking the user into account. Email Marketing is more alive than ever, if and only if, you think of the user first and do it the right way , with tactics like lead nurturing that we already talked about earlier .

Some of the most powerful reasons why email is more alive than ever, according to the Exact Target study:

Email has a much longer life cycle than social networks
91% of marketers check 墨西哥电话号码表 at least once a day. The 80% of consumers prefer email as a communication channel marketing.

How current Email Marketing works
How many users have you not had contact with in the last year? In your database you do not know with name and surname and more information who is who? Do you ship everything to everyone? Well. Stop doing it. Delete your database. Whole. It’s not serving you at all. You have not connected with your audience, not even because 10% of them open your emails.

The most important thing about content marketing is knowing who you are targeting. Establish buyer-personas that allow us to know perfectly who we are addressing and what content is useful for each of them. Only if we know who they are, what interests them, what their needs, daily challenges and goals are, can we really make segmented and personalized content that hits the spot and allows us to forget about those sad metrics of openings, performance and poor engagement generated. . Everything we do in current digital marketing has to be ultra-segmented, only then will we go from disconnecting the user and interrupting him to generating results. And in Email Marketing, by its nature and history so deteriorated, more.

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One study said that a list of users declines at an average rate of -25% per year 移动线索. If one of the key factors that you have to care the most is “deliver ability” (what a word), why do you have so many users on your list that you don’t even know who they are or what they do or what interests them? Immediately delete all those users with whom you have known how to connect and start to surprise and generate spectacular content from now on for the rest.

Timing is vital and, therefore, the content must be ad-hoc depending on the user’s purchase cycle. Make sure that you do not send the same content if the user is in the awareness stage as if he is in the consideration stage (“What is Inbound Marketing” vs “10 reasons why you need Inbound Marketing now”). Also, the difficulty of the content should be greater as you progress through the funnel. The user is more interested as he progresses, so you have to give him more in-depth content (“Post on the blog” vs “Case study”).

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