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How to run an Inbound Marketing campaign and not die trying

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How to run an Inbound Marketing campaign and not die trying

Now that you know what Inbound Marketing is, we will tell you how to develop a campaign in five steps. Inbound Marketing or attraction marketing is mainly composed of content that is disseminated through different channels with the aim of achieving the lowest possible user acquisition cost, making it see a clear value in the content found (instead of pressuring them so that you agree to buy our product / service directly).

How to do an Inbound Marketing campaign?
1. Define the objectives of the campaign
Every campaign must 意大利电话号码表 start from one or more objectives. To define them, remember that they must always comply with the “SMART” rule:

Buyer Personas : Who do you want to address? With buyer personas we designate a fictitious entity that we create to represent the different types of clients we want to address. Thanks to buyer personas, we will be more clear about what our client needs before building the right offer for him.

Timing : every campaign must be planned based on a calendar, which will allow organizing the tasks associated with the campaign and the different control points.

2. Build your offer
The focus of your campaign is the offer. It is about what is useful and relevant to the user that you offer in exchange for a registration. For example, downloadable content or a training course.

3. Create the offer container
How does the user access the offer? The correct way to do this is always a landing page , which is a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. The key is to optimize it correctly to improve that conversion. We already told you how to make a landing page that converts.

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4. Promote the campaign
To attract people to your offer, take advantage of all available distribution channels, as long as they adapt to your Inbound Marketing strategy. From the different distribution channels, it incorporates a call to action that sends the user directly to the landing 移动线索. To develop an adequate flow, draw a lead nurturing workflow : it will help you understand where the user can come from and what their points of contact with the offer will be.

5. Review and repeat
Depending on the results obtained. Analytics is key to understanding what works and what doesn’t in your campaign. Through measurement, you will detect the user’s vanishing points to improve the process and achieve greater conversion.

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