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What do accounts with millions of followers on Twitter have in common? And what can you learn from them

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What do accounts with millions of followers on Twitter have in common? And what can you learn from them

With 500 million posts and 330 million active users, Twitter is the best place for your brand to stand out
Currently, around 500 million publications are sent on Twitter, there are around 330 million active users as well as 500 million more who confess to using the platform without having an account; thus, the Neal Schaffer portal reports that it is not surprising that 70 percent of small businesses are on Twitter. So if you want your brand to stand out, this is the place to be. However, with so much competition for user attention, how do you get people to follow you and engage with your posts? Multiple brands try and fail, with a thousand followers and a couple of retweets per week; and it is that perhaps the management of large accounts should be learned, those that have millions of followers as well as an equally important participation rate. While the celebrities behind the accounts have a level of visibility that few companies can aspire to, this does not mean that the lessons of how they grow their fan base while increasing their reach cannot be learned. Therefore, below we present the common factors that these accounts with millions of followers have and what you can learn from them.

The celebrities who dominate the majority of Twitter followers have learned that mixing business posts with more personal ones is vital to growing your business. From Schaffer’s site, the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, who today has the third most-followed account of the social network, is taken as an example, the former president has managed to mix his business tweets with publications about his personal life, even sentimental. This works because Obama takes advantage of personal communication. People who follow this character don’t want to hear what their publicist has to say, but rather to feel a personal connection with Vietnam Mobile Database himself so that tweets about his personal life satisfy that need. Brands like Chevrolet and Ford nominated their bosses as the official tweeter, thereby engaging with their followers and achieving that personal connection by humanizing the brand and encouraging target customers to engage with them. They are linked to other social networks. Katy Perry is considered the queen of Twitter with her 108 million followers; While the singer’s celebrity status undoubtedly helped her become number one on the social network, she continues to grow her fan base by intelligently crossing over her various social accounts.

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Since approximately half of the publications are linked to his Instagram account, which has 72 million followers. So, by connecting both accounts, the artist only has to post once to get a double impact on the networks, this is how she drives more traffic to her Instagram to grow her reach on that platform. People with the most followers on Twitter aren’t afraid to engage with the hot topics of the day to reach new potential followers; Lady Gaga supported Christine Blasey Ford in the Supreme Court nomination case. So before you think about using trends to increase your Twitter followers, define what your brand represents, trends often come from the Brother Cell Phone List realm of politics, therefore, define who your customer base is and what types of topics could. prevent them from buying you. Try to add value even when you engage with a trend, simply tweeting the trending hashtag may not get you much exposure, so linking to a relevant article on your company blog or a piece of content that adds value to the trend allows you to get more retweets and more followers. Commitment to your offline community. Sometimes the commitment must go beyond the social network, to the real world, Neal Schaffer’s site takes the case of Ellen Degeneres who is the seventh person with the most followers on

Twitter with 76.6 million people; she mixes videos from her shows with tweets about her community work. Ellen knows that people tune in to her show not just to see celebrities, but also because of the comedian and especially her personality, so she reinforces that image by tweeting about her involvement with normal people and projects. Cristiano Ronaldo is the athlete with the most followers on the digital platform with 75 million and another 143 million on Instagram; So when Ronaldo’s brand is hit by a crisis, such as the recent rape allegations, Twitter became the perfect social network to spread his side of the story. While no business or marketing team wants to have a crisis on its hands, it is sometimes unavoidable. And when the crisis hits, the worst thing marketers or managers can do is hide. Twitter followers can be ruthless if they perceive a hoax, so brands and celebrities alike should aim for a transparent post in the midst of a crisis.

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