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Looking for an influencer marketing strategy? 5 tips to keep in mind

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Looking for an influencer marketing strategy? 5 tips to keep in mind

In social networks, one of the most effective strategies that have been witnessed in recent years – at least in the most recent two – is the implementation of influencer marketing. Especially on the part of new commercial pages, since having an attractive voice, recognized by a large number of users, generates greater empathy about what a firm promotes. However, not everything is “honey on flakes”. As in other parts of the sector, without a strategy involved, the final results may be diminished. For the same situation, it is advisable to take into account some tips about this segment of marketing as a frame of reference. These can help a social media manager, even a public relations specialist. Developing programs to strengthen the connection between a brand and people creates the need to really get involved. When a brand operates in the digital environment, it encourages all kinds of actions to be relevant, such as the production of independent content, distribution, and use of all emerging platforms, actions on websites, etc. Everything counts. Influencer marketing: industry revolution?

The truth is that the coordination of operations and strategies, almost always, has behind it a series of special movements that highlight one quality over another. At the moment of having content production, you begin to know the different segments and those that users accept. This provides an overview for better ideas on how brands can begin to form tactics. In fact, about influencer marketing and collaboration with people of this nature, you can talk about your previous outlook to highlight it as a successful strategy. In 2017, eMarketer reported that, globally, marketers spent $ 570 million on influencer marketing. In 2018, the Venezuela Mobile Database investment reached $ 1.6 billion. According to Linqia reports, 39 percent of brands plan to increase their estimates in this area; in fact, 93 percent of strategists estimate an average investment of $ 10,000 in their campaigns. Depending on the level of maturity of an influencer, the strategy that will be followed in the future can be addressed. Making mistakes and learning from them is part of the process. And this can be applied to any brand, as they can establish consistency with content creators from the moment they understand its purpose and essence of usefulness. All industries can achieve favorable results with content creators. Only certain perspectives and aspects that can be key elements to success should be respected.

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The first contact with the creator/influencer must be sincere and transparent. Know what brand is behind a campaign, understand what the desired objective is, why you were chosen to do the job,, and, most importantly, if it fits what you promote. Collaborating with influencers is ideal for sharing brand messages as it enables you to reach particular niche audiences and target groups. At the same time, it is an ideal way to share a firm’s image with a community. The Influencers have an authentic way of relating to their community. This is the main reason Brother Cell Phone List why brands want to participate in their way of working. Therefore, creative freedom is the most important asset for content to succeed. By doing this, a brand lends its voice to someone who truly asserts its message and purpose. When implementing this type of strategy, the responsibility of a brand is to protect the creator from any problem. This does not mean that influencers are exempt from committing crimes, but if the purpose is to share a particular message, you have to give them a greater opportunity for interaction and action. The content creator chosen to spread a message needs not only to understand this purpose but also to be genuine.

The influencers not only publish on a platform. They investigate, direct, capture, edit, define the content distribution strategy and interpret the results on their own to understand how they performed (the idea is that they generate more engagement ). Therefore, a brand must know that, during internal meetings, the guidelines used to approve and defend a collaborator’s campaign proposal have to be discussed. In this way, the role of the manager who approves the campaign is more likely to be more specific with what he wants, either because of the technique used or because of his level of mastery. Finally, this is ideal to define what profile a firm wants to expose: if it must first show and clarify the communication tone of its brand, then define the purpose of the campaign and the objectives or improve awareness (awareness), engagement (commitment), conversational skills, relevance or being relevant in a certain industry, etc.

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