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Facebook Updates its Metrics for Advertisers: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Facebook Updates its Metrics for Advertisers: Here’s What You Need to Know

Facebook has just released an update for its metrics aimed at advertisers, which seek efficient measurement processes. Measurement in social media remains one of the great challenges for most brands today. The problem materializes with statistics entangled by Proxima, which indicates that despite the fact that 65 percent of companies say that measuring the ROI of social media is important, 83 percent of companies have doubts about how and what to measure. The concern grows in dimensions when it comes to Facebook if we consider the amounts of resources that the social network absorbs as well as the constant changes that the Uruguay Mobile Database platform presents. Observing the changes in the time invested in the service created by Mark Zuckerberg allows us to outline the special relevance for advertisers to know the performance within their communication actions within the social network. Data from AdStage indicates that the time users spend browsing on Facebook decreased 18 percent in the last month. To be specific, the loss of time spent per user on the platform is 24 percent. With this prelude scenario, it is estimated that the price of CPM on Facebook has increased 122 percent compared to the cost registered at the beginning of 2017.

Ensuring that the resources destined to build a brand on Facebook yield the expected results requires having more precise metrics that offer strategic teams the information necessary to adjust their movements based on the particular needs of each brand as well as the requirements when seem increasingly demanding, which the social network implements for commercial communication. With this in mind, Facebook has just released an update for its metrics aimed at advertisers, which seek efficient measurement processes. The first change has to do with the way the social network understands the relevance indicators. So far, advertisers measure the performance of this aspect with the relevance score; However, in response to the demand for Brother Cell Phone List for more depth in the field, Facebook will expand this score with three new more detailed ad relevance diagnostic metrics. In this way, as the social network announced in a press release, the relevance of the ads will be measured in three dimensions: Quality Rating: How the perceived quality of the ad compares to that of ads competing for the same audience. Engagement rate ranking: How the ad’s expected engagement rate compares to ads competing for the same audience.Conversion Rate Ranking: How the ad’s expected conversion rate compares to ads that had the same optimization goal and competed for the same audience.

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With these new metrics, Facebook will provide advertisers with information that will allow them to improve the performance of their actions and optimize changes in content assets, audience segmentation, or the post-click experience. These additions are expected to be available as of April 30. In a second point, Facebook talks about the potential reach of a campaign whereby companies obtain an estimate of the number of people a communication strategy could reach before it is launched. Previously, this indicator was calculated based on the number of total active users per month on the social network; However, in the face of demand from advertisers to have a closer estimate of the performance results of a run, Facebook will now only include people who were shown an ad on Facebook in the last 30 days. “For example, some people may not have seen an ad on Facebook if they are on a platform that does not serve ads, such as donations,” exemplified the social network. Finally, following the strategy that the social network proposed last April, the service will remove some measurement parameters as it considers them “less effective”, to make room for new metrics that could benefit the interests of advertisers: “For example, We’ll introduce the saved posts metric so businesses can see how many people saved their ads. Ads on offer will be considered in the new metric of saved posts, so we will remove the metric of saved offers ”.

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