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10 Chrome extensions for designers

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10 Chrome extensions for designers

Chrome has become one of the users’ favorite browsers , among other things, due to the versatility of very useful functions that it offers the user, including extensions, whose mission is to facilitate the user experience and navigation and in the case of web designers and developers, our work. Here I am going to show you some great extensions that will be very useful if you are a designer.

1. Instant Wire frame
wire frame
With this Chrome extension you will be able to see the most primitive skeleton of any web: its wire frames . It can be useful if you are starting a web 韩国电话号码表 project and need to look at the structure of other existing ones, know where each of its elements are placed and what the final visual result of the composition has been.

2. Perfect Pixel
If you are obsessed with pixel perfection and your web projects have to look exactly the same as you designed them, Perfect Pixel can be quite useful for you, especially in the last evaluation phases. It is a tool that allows you to compare the design of your website with the result of the same in the browser, superimposing your design with a semi-transparency on the one that is already in the browser. In this way you can check that there is not a single pixel that does not match what you expected.

3. Style-bot
If you want to experiment with CSS properties in real time, you will like this extension a lot. It allows you to manipulate the appearance of any website either from functions that are already per-established or by writing your own code. You can also preview and install styles previously created by you and share them with other designers through the sister extension Style-bot Social.

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4. Full Page Screen Capture
Capture a web page in your entire browser, not just the visible part of the window 移动线索. It’s easy, you just have to click on the extension icon and it will automatically open a new browser window with the capture of the entire web page you have chosen.

5. Colorization
This extension comes in handy to create the color palette of a website from a single color of it as well as if you want to make gradients because it generates the CSS code of it instantly. If you need to know the exact hexadecimal value of a specific website, this application will solve it instantly.

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