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What is the best time to post on my blog?

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What is the best time to post on my blog?

The first thing we need is to have a history to analyze. If you are starting with your blog and you have little data, or you have not published yet, perhaps the first question you should ask yourself is another, How often do I have to write a post on my blog?
On the contrary, if you have been with your blog for a while, have several publications and of course you have Google Analytics implemented (If you do not have it, run, install it again) we can get a lot of interesting information in a very simple and visual way.

Heat Maps-Heat maps
What are they?
They are data graphs where the values ​​are represented by colors. They allow us to know the day of the week and the time when there are more visits 西班牙电话号码表. A heat map helps us visualize this information and make decisions.

How are they made? Step by Step.

1. Custom Report
Enter your Analytics account, and in the main menu click Professionalization> New Personalized Report .

The first thing you have to do is give the report a title, and then within Report content select the metrics that you are going to measure. In this case, within Metric Groups> Users> Sessions .

Once saved, a report appears with a Day of the week column. You will see that there are numbers ordered from 1 to 7. 0 corresponds to Sunday and 6 to Saturday .

Clicking on them shows you the results based on the second dimension, the time.
To see all the results at the same time we choose to show 25 rows and thus we have 24 hours a day . You can click on the Time column to sort the hours and make it easier for you to export.

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2. Prepare your Excel sheet
I recommend that before exporting the data, you prepare an Excel sheet where you will build the heat map.

Create a tab by day of the week and a last one where you will paint the Map . You can create only one tab and add the data from the different Cs Vs, but I prefer to create one for each day of the week, so I have the information for each day separated by hours and can later use it to make other maps. In the Heat map tab, we are going to place the days of the week in the first row and the hours in the first column .

3. Export data to Excel
Now we are going to export this data to an Excel file in a very simple way. At the top you have the option Export> CSV (Comma separated values).

Within the Excel sheet that you have exported, select the first column (A1) where the exported data corresponding to Monday (1) are. In the Excel menu. Data> Text in Columns . Follow the steps without forgetting that the values ​​are separated by commas.

You have to enter the results of each day and export them creating a CSV file for each day 移动线索. In the tab that appears below the title. All> Day of the week: 1 you can select the days without going back.

4. Paint your map
Once you have all the data, copy and paste them into the Heat Map tab of your excel, select all the cells with data and in the Start menu > Conditional Formatting> Color scale . There are several, of various types, use the one you like the most .

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Wednesday is also a good day, starting at 10:00 in the morning we appreciate a peak of activity that also continues until almost night. This is where your strategy comes in. Depending on the theme of your blog, it may be more interesting to post on Wednesday around 10:00, in this way you encompass users on Wednesday and Thursday, which are the busiest days .


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