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Differences between Whitepaper and E-book

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Differences between Whitepaper and E-book

The diversification of content is one of the main commandments to play in any strategy Marketing Content. Videos, info graphics, images, presentations, diagrams, … All of them will be welcome as long as they allow us to satisfy the preferences of our buyer personas.

Among all these resources that we use to add value to our content marketing , we find two that are essential to attract new readers and make yourself known with expertise in your niche: e books and whitepapers 瑞典电话号码表. But what is the difference between these two types of resources?

Although at first glance it may seem that they are the same, each one has its characteristics and it depends on the theme we develop, to choose which one is best for us and how to develop it.

What are E-books?
E-books are basically the digital version of a book . Among its advantages, we find that e books are widely distributed through online stores such as Amazon, I tunes, etc., where thanks to the rise of tablets, their reading has been growing.

Characteristics of e books
We find a subdivision into chapters or different parts, which can be separated and be a whole in themselves. Each of these parts are fully designed to make reading fast.
The basic concept of an e book is that it is based on ideas and trends of interest.

The main text is complemented with calls for attention , bullets, examples, etc. so that it does not become so heavy.
The language is colloquial and casual. Examples of e books. In 40 fever, we have some e books that can be the most interesting in your day to day in content marketing.

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What are Whitepapers?
They are documents in guide form , which are designed to help users solve a certain problem or understand a topic.
They work much better in the B2B market and are used to provide solutions to problems or to investigate more broadly in a certain area.

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It is essential to take into account:

The length. The user is getting used to the idea that e books can take on as long an extension as you like 移动线索. Always bear in mind that if we are going to make an e book, it should be longer and more complete than a whitepaper.

Focus. E-books tend to be more general, friendly and easy to read. If you are going to choose to do something deeper or more forceful, choose to do a whitepaper.

Finally: both e books and whitepapers are designed to educate the reader . Before deciding which of the two to use in a certain content marketing strategy , the ideal is to analyze if the information we are going to write requires data, if it is more visual or if it has to be too detailed.


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