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3 points to keep in mind when making your website responsive

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3 points to keep in mind when making your website responsive

The options to offer our website to users who visit us from mobile devices are several: mobile web, native app and responsive web. Each one has its pros and cons and a priors, the one that is taking the most force is the responsive web for a simple theme: it is the cheapest and fastest. And not for that the simplest, which might seem so

This technique has totally modified the way it is designed. You have modified the pattern 瑞士电话号码表. Not only this technique but actually the user himself and his browsing and consumption habits have changed the rules.

I am not going to get too much into why responsive design is the best option of all that are clear to me, but we are going to talk about some things that you should know and be very clear before deciding on this option. As we already explained in the tips to improve the mobile SEO of your website , Google itself recommends responsive design before creating a complete mobile website. The reasons are clear and we share them in their entirety: the user experience will improve considerably, we avoid potential duplicate content problems and we give the user a consistent image.

However, even if Google recommends it, your website may not have to have a responsive design . For example, if you have a landing page and you are totally focused on conversion, you may need a totally different design on mobile and this technique therefore does not fit since you want to show other information.

Some points that you must take into account before making your website responsive.

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Page load
One of the big problems that we find when we do an audit is that in responsive designs the load of elements is not differentiated at the server level. This is a big problem in page loading since when making the web responsive, exactly the same resources are loaded as for your desktop web. To solve it, try to use libraries that allow you to do a conditional page load, avoiding loading unnecessary resources when people visit you from mobile.

Be careful with screen sizes
You have to be very careful when designing. It is recommended to design with the mobile-first pattern to avoid having problems adapting with the screens and to avoid overloading the page with useless elements . The large number of devices and screens that exist in the market means that we have to take into account fluid and non-static content sizes to avoid that there are users who do not see our content well.

Avoid the effects
Some of the effects you use on the desktop web will not work on the responsive web . This is vital, since if you don’t do a cross-device-platform check you may find that surprisingly the time per visit from mobile is strangely low 移动线索. This happens a lot, for example, when the “read more” of a news item appears in the hover. The hover does not exist on mobile phones so the user will not be able to continue their visit.

Don’t forget to continuously measure, measure and measure to detect potential leaks and performance glitches in mobile browsing. Keep all these things in mind before launching, just as responsive design improves the user experience, as we have seen, it does not always have to be this way.

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