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40 low-cost tools for Growth Hackers

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40 low-cost tools for Growth Hackers

The growth hacking has to act in almost all areas of a startup: validation of idea and business model, product development, user acquisition, user activation, revenue, user retention and recommendation. As you can imagine, there are thousands of tools that help the Growth Hacker in these processes.

Therefore, I have found it very valuable to do a brief analysis of the most useful tools that exist for Growth Hacking. Always, without forgetting the maxim: first the free and cheap, so the following tools have affordable prices for most 阿尔及利亚电话号码表 companies, in many cases with free periods or even with completely free plans for life.

Idea validation, Product-market fit
Lean Monitor
I always say that the main thing is that you understand that without a fit between product and market (Product-market fit), everything else does not matter, sustainable growth will not come. To facilitate this process from when we have the “big idea” until we find the real business, I recommend Lean Monitor, a Spanish application that will help you to consider your lean canvas, design the empathy map and keep track of hypotheses, validations and iterations of your business model.

User Testing has thousands of testers at your disposal who can test the usability of your prototype before you even develop your website or application. The tester records a video testing the prototype and leaves you his impressions on usability and functionality. Do not stop trying it, it is a fast and inexpensive way to detect usability problems on your Home Page or one of the critical functionalities of your APP.

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Click to tweet
Very simple, free and cool, this is this tool that allows you to convert a link into a tweet. How to take advantage of it? Enter links in articles on your blog or in your newsletters, make it easy for your users to tweet whatever you want. Also, Billy-style, you can track how many times the link is clicked.

The best thing is that you see it working, click here to tweet this article

Price: Free, you access with your Twitter account.

Woo Rank
Tool that provides you with useful information to improve your SEO. Suggestion reports to improve the SEO of your page, back-links, effectiveness of your keywords, comparison with the competition, etc. With the free account you can get all the basic reports you want and one advanced report per week without paying a euro.

Quick Sprout
This tool that comes from the hand of Neil Patel, one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs I know, goes in the new line of SEO tools; cleanliness, design and speed. Very interesting to complement Woo Rank. Oh, and I recommend that you follow Neil Patel’s blog , without a doubt the best thing you can find.

Completely free, you don’t need an account.

Multidisciplinary tool that combines a basic SEO analysis and that systematically searches social networks and blogs for keywords that interest you in order to interact with users or bloggers who are influences in your sector. I see the potential of this tool, although it still has a lot of improvement ahead of it.

Nimble is a tool that will help you manage relationships with all your contacts. Networking is essential and Nimble will allow you to group all your contacts: Twitter, LinkedIn, e-mail, Facebook, etc. In one single place. In this way you can maintain and improve your relationships to grow your business.

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The fashionable tool for all Community Manager, with a great design and ease of use, will solve the hassle of scheduling your social networks 移动线索. It has an App that works very well and a plugin for Chrome that makes it even easier to share articles on your social networks.

There is a free account with which we can schedule a limited number of daily posts. The Premium version costs $ 10 / month and already allows you to schedule up to 100 daily posts and have 10 associated social media accounts.

Buzz sumo
New tool developed by App Sumo with great potential. At a glance it will help you to know which are the most successful pages of your website in social networks or to see which pages are having the most success for certain terms or keywords. Unbeatable design and blazing speed to deliver results.

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