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Pillion: Inquisitor Communicant’s new telephony option

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Pillion: Inquisitor Communicant’s new telephony option

Inquisitor Communicant is one of the most influential you tubers due to his enormous popularity. He recently starred in an attack for an image that was allegedly sexist, but in reality few have been linked to scandals, compared to other characters.

Although he makes profits from sponsorship and reproductions, the truth is that his brand power gives him to start his own company, as in the case of the Kuwait Email List famous Yuma, who has her makeup line and associations with other weapons such as Medal.

Generally, those who feel like influences start singing, but Inquisitor Communicant, who does have a relevant brand power, decided that he would enter one of the most profitable businesses in Mexico and opted for MVNOs.

The influencer surprises with a telephone company called “Pillion”, which apparently will soon arrive in Mexico. Although it has not announced anything, before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property it has a registration process for the Pillion brand and it is the owner of Luis Arturo Villas Sudden, the name of the famous Mexican you tuber.

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The brand is registered as cell phone services and has an official website, although at the moment it is not active, nor is its Twitter and Facebook account; in fact, they do not have a profile picture, but from Engadget they contacted a bot that receives these types of messages:

“Hello Martin! Here Louisville el Pill welcoming you to the epic Pillion, what am I good for?”

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The same bot revealed that the service coverage is 4.5 LTE, which has the legend “5G Ready”. Regarding unlimited data, an offer managed by its competitors Celeste, Monetarist or AT&T, he pointed out that the service will start sometime in October with 12 GB of data for 149 pesos per month, 20 GB for 299 pesos per month, but that they are not unlimited and they will be consuming from the data bag.

In the case of the 20 GB per month plan, he added that when this data is consumed, another 20 GB extra is offered, but at a reduced speed, like most MVNOs that offer this plan and stressed “Don’t be fooled! ”.

The published a video on Twitter where he makes a call to the Dari Vilma service center, another MVNO in Mexico and the voice of Inquisitor Communicant is heard, offering the Pillion interaction menu.

The bot says that it can be done through its website, paying with a credit or debit card or paying with cash directly through OXXO. In the case of shipments, the SIM will be delivered in one to two days in CDMX, while in the rest of Mexico it may take up to five days.

The company defines itself as the first cell phone network in the world created by an influencer thinking of his followers: “I took on the task of the bitterest, newest and fastest network and technology in the country. And I found it! Always trying to help, I want more people to have the possibility of being connected to the network, coverage and cooler prices mobile lead. Make 2 plans thinking about the main needs that you detect, I hope they adapt to yours. Try us! Wherever you pull, we make you strike! ”.

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Even with this information, there are no details of the launch and the plans, but it is surprising news, from YouTube to the telephone company.

His firm comes to compete with Celeste, Monetarist, AT&T, Walmart and even Televise, which recently announced that it will offer mobile phone services as Virtual Mobile Operator (or MVNO), for existing customers of its cable and internet packages for the home, sold under their Izzi brand.

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