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The future is Artificial Intelligence: The impact of technology on marketing processes

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The future is Artificial Intelligence: The impact of technology on marketing processes

Again, it is time to talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing. According to Reuters, Adobe has just integrated this technology into its marketing software. The goal of the initiative is to help companies improve campaign results. Specifically, it could be used to speed up and facilitate the task of cataloging resources and materials within digital channels. And thus, to be able to issue more precise recommendations for consumers.

The idea is that Artificial Intelligence tools allow scanning and classifying all the images of a brand’s products and services by color, shape, etc. It could also help brands quickly scan documents and estimate what the general topic of each item is Kenya Email Address. The idea is that these types of skills allow brands to create marketing campaigns that make purchase suggestions or content more appropriate to audiences.

According to Ali Bohr, director of product strategy and marketing at Adobe, this type of Artificial Intelligence has been around the brand for a long time. However, until now the only way to achieve these results was to ask customers to export and pass data from one business unit to another. With the integration of these tools within the same software, the process of use is expected to be much faster and easier for brands.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence in marketing is rekindled
In general terms, this type of software has grown in importance not only in this market. According to Grand View Research, for 2019 it generated global revenues of $ 39.9 billion. But between 2020 and 2027 it should have an average compound growth rate of 42.2 percent per year. In data from Markets and Markets, in the marketing sector, Artificial Intelligence should generate revenues of $ 40.90 million by 2025.

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Adobe’s decision also responds to changes in overall brand strategies. According to Venture Harbor, 61 percent of marketers point out that Artificial Intelligence will be the most important element of their data projects. In addition, on average each expert in this sector loses about five hours and 36 minutes each week trying to make sense of Big Data. And it could improve profitability by up to 38 percent.

For companies providing marketing software solutions, Adobe’s enhancements should be a wake-up call to incorporate Artificial Intelligence. And for the rest of the brands, it is a warning about the growing role of this technology in daily work processes. And it is not only about expanding the capabilities of brands to be able to connect with users. It is also about improving the performance of existing processes.

How technology is expressed in marketing
Again, the Adobe initiative is not new to the industry. Artificial Intelligence already has a determining role in marketing, with several examples mobile lead. For example, Spottily has launched a series of projects with which it aims to improve the user experience when listening to some new releases. The logic behind this initiative is, of course, to keep people more involved in the platform and consequently to multiply its advertising potential more.

It has also sparked a wave of startup purchases. For example, Apple alone has bought more than 20 innovative companies dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in the last decade. It’s true, not all of them will have applications that directly affect your marketing strategy. However, it could improve the type of services and products that are offered to the consumer. And in the long term, as a result of those updates, have a more loyal and engaged audience.

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