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The promise fulfilled to Kobe Bryant with NBA champion Lakers

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The promise fulfilled to Kobe Bryant with NBA champion Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat and became NBA champions with a 106-93 victory, winning the series 4-2 and adding their 17th championship ring in the middle of the contingency, in the Disney bubble. Kobe Bryant stood out in the celebration.

The great achievement of him is worth them with the Boston Celtics as the best dynasties in the league. Meanwhile, Lebanon James added the Kuwait Email Database fourth MVP in his career, adding four in total, two with the Heat, the third with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the fourth now with the Lakers, in 10 Finals.

But what is most important at this moment for the player is that he fulfilled the emotional promise he made to Kobe Bryant, to whom he told that he would continue with his legacy and that with his strength he would be able to put the name of the Lakers high, And he achieve it.

Lebanon snapped a decade-long drought in Los Angeles, who scored their final ring in 2010 definitions against the Boston Celtics. But the most emotional thing about the night was that Kobe Bryant was present at the celebrations, after he died in a helicopter accident in January of this year.

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The former basketball player, his 13-year-old daughter Giannini, and seven other people were killed instantly in the helicopter crash they suffered on January 26. He was honored on the streets, on social media and from the franchise players themselves.

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“Kobe, Kobe, Kobe” was heard from hundreds of fans who came out to celebrate for a new trophy. On Twitter there was also a recognition for the idol of the Lakers under the trend and Kobe.

The official NBA account for Latin America shared a photo of the legend along with Lebanon James. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis could not contain his emotion when he remembered his friend Kobe Bryant, with whom he shared a team on the United States National Team at the Olympic Games: “It was a tragedy what happened mobile lead.  Today we had that goal and we did it, he is watching us and we know that he is proud of us. It means a lot to all of us. It is very difficult to express it ”.

Kobe Bryant played 20 NBA seasons, all of them with the Lakers and was champion five times with the Los Angeles franchise (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010). In addition, he participated 18 times in the NBA All-Star Game.

The franchise adds its value with the title and contributes much of the sponsorship and television of the NBA in total, of 740 million dollars that will leave the closure of the pavilions.

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