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#Homophobic: TV Aztecs is attacked for its star program Exaltation

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#Homophobic: TV Aztecs is attacked for its star program Exaltation

“Exaltation” is the star program of TV Aztecs, its format has been such a success that it is located in prime time on Sunday night, in addition to being broadcast from Monday to Thursday during the week, also capturing the spotlight, for three hours. . That is why the hashtag is a serious blow to the company.

Its influence is such that Televise had to eliminate its successful program “Guerrero” almost immediately after Exaltation started, to try to attract an audience with other programs such as “Me Cairo de Rosa”, with which the new Kyrgyzstan Email List Ada Ramon’s program, “Don’t, don’t do it,” couldn’t compete; in fact, it was scheduled to air on Sundays, but due to the low rating, it had to go to Fridays, even when the public protested because Exaltation was taken away from one day.

It is a successful format in Mexico, which Big Brother led the way: the reality show. This content has shown fondness, not only on TV but also on streaming video platforms such as Netflix, where programs of the level of “Playing with fire” or “The Circle” accumulate millions of reproductions.

“Exaltation” shows the best of sport, with high-performance competitions, unlike “Warriors”, where the characters were not athletes or so famous, but they generated a lot of controversy, this being their impulse.

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In contrast, the TV Aztecs program consists of testing the physical and mental abilities of the members of two teams that face challenges that require high sports skills. It is a safe bet for the company.

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According to the Internet MX and Digital Statistics Association, entertainment is the main reason why Mexican digital users surf the internet and of course, why they watch open television.

Homophobic in support of Matinee
Tonight it is surprising that the trends related to the program have homophobic overtones, according to viewers, who indicate censorship of Matilda Alvarez Sierra’s partner, known as Mari Alvarez or “Terminator”, who is a prominent Mexican heptathlon.

Twitter users report that the mention and appearance of messages to his girlfriend Irene Stampede is vetoed, who since last week denounced mobile lead through her official account that unlike the heterosexual couples of the program, they restrict her, therefore that users of the platform generated the hashtag AztecaHomofobico, as a sign of support for the LGBT community.

In Mexico, digital users spend 2 hours 20 minutes watching open television, 40 minutes less than in 2018, but entertainment is the one that develops the most on the web, with 56 percent and this is something that Aztecs has learned well, since Its contents are available on its page with high resolution or through its official YouTube profile, something that has contributed to the success of programs such as Exaltation, by allowing its viewers to follow the project through that option, in the case of this program. , they can do it.

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