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Zara found a way to sell a lot more, by accident

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Zara found a way to sell a lot more, by accident

Receiving a personalized item is a boost to sales and is a plus that everyone wants to have from their favorite brands. Professionalization is an effective strategy in strategies, therefore, brands invest 5 million dollars a year in it. That is why the personalized Zara bag sold out immediately.

The firm by itself is a very popular fast fashion brand in the world, but even more so when it presents novelties in its ranks, as in the case of bags with a mark of distinction and unique, although we know that nothing that sells the brand is a piece that you will not find on the street or at the same party.

Their garments are regularly so popular and accessible, that they are usually found everywhere, although that is precisely what they Japan Email Address are reversing with the launch of personalized bags, it allows initials to be engraved on the garment.

They have a beige-brown model and one in gray-black in a sustainable fabric, although some point out that the gray is made of vile felt and that with this they reduce manufacturing costs, but not price. This tote bag with a felt body allows you to print your embroidered initials (only two) in different colors for only 3 euros to “transform the felt bag into a unique piece”.

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But also another that seems “luxury” because it is made with tanned leather, exceeds the 20 euros that the first two cost, but is still cheap, like the garments that the brand manages. This is not sold out and costs 60 euros on the website and with this the customization is totally free. Available in brown, black and white.

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The reason behind is the opposite of Zara
Both have a waiting list because on their website they are sold out, as it costs 20 euros, being much cheaper than other seasonal bags. But the reason your sales are skyrocketing might not be the right one.

The company wants it to look like a garment that emotionally engages with the consumer by being personalized, but customers are taking it as an imitation of luxury brands and are therefore consuming it.

As only two letters can be placed, on European streets you can see LV, LF or AV something very similar to luxury brand names such as Louis Vuitton or Long champ.

That is to say, a luxury, original and low cost bag. That is why Zara has once again shot up its sales, but because its customers want to be mobile lead associated with exclusive brands, the opposite of their nature.

For some time now, the Indite giant has been bringing bracelets and earrings in the style of other higher-cost brands, practically resorting to its infallible strategy of copying successful products. Cynically he did it with Pandora charms, and not only that, he has broken all sales records with his imitation. Unlike her clothes, the charms and chains she presents are durable. They are made of sterling silver and covered with 24 karat gold. It also gives them a plus by focusing on what they are “good luck” and collectibles.

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