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They launch the iPhone 12 mini and name it the iPhone Steve Jobs for this reason

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They launch the iPhone 12 mini and name it the iPhone Steve Jobs for this reason

Apple has launched its new iPhone, but the 12 and 12 mini stand out for $ 699 and $ 799 respectively. Their characteristics are the same, with the only difference in size, since they both arrive in the same colors: black, blue, green, red and white. Although the attention has focused especially on the mini model because it reminds the genius behind its creation Steve Jobs when seeing the size.

“You can’t hold them with one hand … no one is going to buy that,” said Steve Jobs during 2010 to defend his iPhone 4 (3.5-inch) as the ideal Japan Email List size of a smartphone, against the trend that Android manufacturers started with phones up to 5 inches.

At that time the furor was that such a small element could be so powerful, since the previous phones were huge and thick, which is why the founder of Apple never stopped ridiculing his arch rivals Android.

Four years later, after the death of Jobs, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 Plus, a smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen. Furthermore, this changed without Jobs at the helm and the smallest model currently released is the iPhone XS, with a 5.8-inch screen. Now comes the iPhone 12 mini, which is why social networks have dubbed it the iPhone Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs always alive
Tim Cook had disappeared small smartphones with the elimination of the 4-inch SE, the last iPhone design that was approved by Jobs, 8 years ago, and the one that has lasted the longest in the entire evolution of the device, but now it resumes a size mini and it seems that it is back in fashion as they have even launched a Home Pod Mini.

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Steve Jobs never goes unnoticed, as it seems that he was right to point out that a huge phone is not very functional for some and for everything there is a market.

The iPhone 12 mini is clearly differential due to its 5.4-inch diagonal, difficult to find another mobile that is so compact, high-end, but very complete, it will even integrate 5G connectivity, one of the differentiated products, of the new mobile lead models with respect to the rest of Apple smartphones, and thus become members of that first saga with the type of connectivity.

With these bets, Apple hopes to increase its sales that have recently moved away from the iPhone and have concentrated on the iPad, which has generated record sales for the company, according to its latest reported figures, something that was not seen for years, with an increase in 31 percent over the previous year reaching 6 thousand 600 million dollars.

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