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Tonality stars in a hilarious Amazon Prime Day offer

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Tonality stars in a hilarious Amazon Prime Day offer

Tonality is a popular alcoholic beverage in Mexico, but to some extent risky for health. At first it was believed that it was a mescal, but in reality it is a cane liquor whose price is around 25 pesos.

It is one of the cheapest drinks in its segment, easy to find at the corner store, at OXXO or Seven Eleven. However, it is related to alcoholism.

This cane liquor has gone through several controversial issues. First, its labeling that does not include a description of the elements that Jamaica email address compose it and therefore consumers do not know what type of alcohol is in the bottle or what other substances it is mixed with.

In the midst of the new labeling as a protagonist in the food segment, it is strange that in the case of beverages there is some without explicit labeling, since it violates the consumer’s right to information and other regulations. In fact, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office added Tonality in 2006 to the list of brands that deceive buyers. And the thing is, the label called it agave liquor, but as of that year it changed its name to cane liquor.

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The brand did not want to put that name, since the consumption of cane distillates hinders the absorption of vitamin B, such as mobile lead thiamine, which at the brain level causes small hemorrhages and alterations that cause memory loss and even sight.

That is why in the Mexican nation it is related to patients with alcoholism who roam the streets and jokingly is present in an infinity of memes.

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On this Amazon Prime Day, it appears among the most hilarious offers of the famous date, with a promotion of four Tonality pieces of 5 milestones each for 552 pesos. The announcement mentions that the delivery is free for Wednesday, October 21, 2020 and above all, that it is exclusive for Prime members, which has caused laughter among Internet users.

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