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Nike is not far behind: there are new Crocs with a plus in the copy of the model

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Nike is not far behind: there are new Crocs with a plus in the copy of the model

More proof that Croce are what they are today: a designer has come up with a Nike joining the clog craze and launches its own models, not one or two, but three shades in which the consumer can choose.

However, for the brand in the top of mind of clogs this is not good news, as we reported with adidas, they do not support the success of Croce and throw clogs to win customers. More competitors could reach the market that grows in choice and popularity.

Croce was able to stimulate a 52.4 percent growth in e-commerce revenue in the second quarter, which was also driven by store closures and an increase in consumer desire for sports and contingency circumstances. .

Nobody is going to have it easy, now it depends on the tastes of each consumer, because before the immediate option was Croce, but now there Italy Email Address are even options for influences, with the model that emerged on the internet as the most popular so far, in the case by Bad Bunny and the bunnies, from the Jibbing brand, which include their phosphorescent (or phosphor-phosphor) model.

Also today the option of Justin Bier is added, that although he had already shared an image of a pool in which a pair of yellow or orange Croce could be seen, now his model finally appears adorned with elements of the Jibbing brand such as a bear , a donuts or a piece of pizza.

Nike, pay attention to what happens in the market!
But there is one more option that has made thousands of dreams, although it is just an idea, is the case of the concept of designer Began McDaniel, who has presented the Croce x Nike Air Force 1 clog hybrid through his Instagram account.

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Its plus is to take back the strength of the most beloved models of the American brand and turn them into clogs, as this fanatic of remaking designs has achieved. In addition, it also has another strength: it proposes different colors and a clear distinction of the brand at the front, it only remains for the sports firm to pay attention to it.

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adidas can’t stand the success of Croce and throws clogs to win customers
The result of his imagination of him mobile lead is unique and unfortunately a design nothing more, because McDaniel’s proposal has not been officially crystallized with Nike, but perhaps the sports shoe brand should pay attention to its surroundings.

The proposal includes a series of intelligent design elements, using the Swoosh of the shoe to form the typical strap that forms the support of the Croce heel and in front it leaves the traditional dimples, but with perforations of the toe of the AF1, which have been enlarged to nod to those found on a traditional pair of clogs.

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