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The 5 biggest problems faced in an multichannel strategy

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The 5 biggest problems faced in an multichannel strategy

The figure of 10 million Latin Americans buying mass consumer goods through electronic commerce is a clear indicator for companies. The Multichannel strategies are the way.

According to the latest Kan tar Wold panel “Multichannel” report, it reveals that shocking figure and complements this with revealing numbers on e-commerce accelerated in Latin America by contingency, mainly because new Jordan Email Address users tried the channel for the first time.

8.5 percent of households in the region bought something through e-commerce during isolation and among the factors that influenced the growth of this channel were: new delivery platforms, development of existing ones and of e-commerce players who partnered with discount stores to offer home delivery.

The new data driven advertising
Specifically in Mexico, e-commerce spending multiplied by 10 during the contingency with a growth of 123 percent in value participation from new buyers in the majority, but also from buyers who come from other channels such as self-service, supermarkets, mini-markets and traditional commerce.

However, for years the biggest problems that have been encountered when implementing an multichannel strategy are: inventory, the difference in prices between channels, customer data, retailer logistics and internal coordination, according to the Strategies Study Multichannel made by Deloitte, which remain to this day, right in the middle of the contingency.

According to data from e Marketer, the big difference between the big winners of e-commerce and the companies that are leaving them room to act is: multichannel, so it is time to solve all the inconveniences that have been dragging on since 2016.

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The big winners are those that perfectly combine both points, e-commerce and physical stores, growing their dominance and to show what big retailers like Amazon and even Walmart are doing. In fact, discount store Walmart Media Group’s advertising analytics division is launching its first multichannel on-demand reporting solution at scale: performance dashboards.

It has already beta tested with advertisers such as: Nestle Purina, Procter & Gamble, Melendez and Clorox. Amazon, Mercado Libra, E bay and Rap pi recorded growth of 52 percent in Latin America and 31 percent globally.

Meanwhile, other areas, the Victoria’s Secret page in Mexico that began selling its products through the Colombian application mobile lead Rap pi and whose Google searches grew 15 percent in the last two weeks compared to the same period last year.

Minis and Bodega Erasure also had a growth of 49 percent and 105 percent, respectively, in the search engine in the last two weeks compared to the same period last year.

However, with all these advances, there are still enormous errors that companies must address as soon as possible and overcome once and for all the challenges they face, especially in this enormous opportunity to grow their channels.

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