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What is Behind the Golden Cage That Netflix put in Coppola?

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What is Behind the Golden Cage That Netflix put in Coppola?

Netflix is ​​the preferred platform for Mexicans, Netflix put in Coppola as shown by figures projected by the Mercator Research Department, which revealed that 94 percent of those interviewed said they prefer to pay for that streaming platform. However, you should never trust yourself, and the firm continues to push its content through marketing.

In his latest move, he has decided to carry out a BBL action in Coppola, in Mexico City, where he is promoting content by the controversial South Korea Email List Manorial Cora, who is behind the La Casa ed lad Flores series or productions such as Made in Mexico, that are not the favorites of their users, but that they always get media attention.

In this case, he placed a “golden cage”, a huge golden fence to promote “Someone has to die”, the miniseries of the Mexican director that premieres on October 16 on the platform.

It is about the story of a house in which there are victims and perpetrators, an allegory that is interpreted as a golden cage that many would like to get out of, but must endure and that can now be seen, from afar, with its first facade.

Netflix tests new technology
The house caged in gold transports directly to the Spain of 1950, in a conservative and traditional society where appearances play a key role in the acting of its characters and their bond. So probably this time he will not resort to the same stereotypes that he handles in each of his series, although it is always a possibility. It is worth mentioning that among the cast are Cecilia Suarez and Ester Expositor.

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There will be no access to the house due to the security and precautionary measures motivated by the pandemic, but it can be seen from the outside mobile lead as of this weekend and until November 2 of the current year.

Each of the windows has the secrets of the family from its first facade in Mexico City. The idea is that people who are passing through the area discover it and travel to Spain in the 50 s and can take a photo, always keeping their distance.

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