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Top 10 Most Read Notes: Emily in Paris Gets Netflix in Trouble with a Whole Country

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Top 10 Most Read Notes: Emily in Paris Gets Netflix in Trouble with a Whole Country

We invite you to take a few minutes to read the most relevant articles of the week on marketing, advertising and media matters. These are topics that all marketers must master to start a new week with key insights into the pulse of the industry, Whole Country where firms like Netflix stand out with Emily in Paris, their controversial series.

The series Emily in Paris gets Netflix in trouble with a whole country
Emily in Paris is a content that has been successful for Netflix. While thousands of comments are positive on social networks, an entire South Africa Email List country is against the series. According to critics from France, the series is a compendium of cliches, including mimes, baguettes, glamorous coffee shops and a postcard in which the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triumph cannot be missed.

From RTL they are devastating: “rarely have we seen so many cliches about the French capital since the Parisian episodes of Gossip Girl or the end of The Devil Wears Prada”.

The perspective of the media obeys the comments of the spectators who cannot conceive of their compatriots from the point of view of the Americans in Emily in Paris, according to them, since it must also be said that even the Mexicans who have been able to go to that nation, they indicate that they have the same point of view on the treatment and other aspects that the series suggests.

Netflix tests new technology
Retail sends the worst signal in years and is an Oxxo tying cans of tuna
An Oxxo has attracted attention on social networks after an image has shown how one of its stores secures products from the basic basket, as a measure to prevent theft of them.

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The image shows the products of a store being insured as part of an action that seeks to guarantee the inventory of the stores in order to have something to sell.

Today, retail seems more focused on having what to sell and not on how to sell it, this is modifying the shopping experience at the point of sale. In recent days, chains such as Demurrer began to audit purchase tickets, so that when leaving their stores, the passage of consumers is restricted to be able to register the ticket codes

Tinkertoy Gets Huge Pay And Shows What You Can Get For A 15-Second Video
More evidence that TikTok is the right place to connect with the consumer of digital content comes from Digg Face 208, the nickname used by the Tinkertoy Nathan Apocalypse, a Hispanic-American who accumulates millions of likes and reproductions especially for a viral video that has moved the world. As the Tinkertoy rides his long-board and sips Ocean Spray brand cranberry juice, he performs the Fleet wood Mac song “Dreams” and conquers the world.

Faced with so much promotion and such sales of juices to create the challenge, social media users asked to be rewarded. The action did not end there, the Ocean Spray brand gave him a truck full of product.

TV Aztecs presenter recreates the effects of a hurricane with augmented reality and this is the result
The reporter Alicia Gutierrez is the protagonist of a video shared by TV Aztecs, which tries to illustrate the damage caused by the different categories of hurricanes. Supported by augmented reality technology, the material has generated all kinds of comments on social networks, where in addition to applauding the integration of this type of technological advances, users have praised the performance of the reporter who appears on stage “dealing” with the well -known features that characterize a hurricane.

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Thus, in the aforementioned video, the TV Aztecs reporter is closed her jacket in anticipation of high winds and rain.

These photos of Lopez-Ga tell jeopardize much more than his brand reputation
The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Ga tell, went viral on social networks. The issue was a trend because it seems that the official is breaking the healthy distance with a woman who accompanies him, apparently in a restaurant located in the Roman neighborhood of Mexico City, according to the platforms mobile lead. The place would be Pinocchio Forgo and the images show Lopez-Ga tell allegedly not complying with the recommendations that he has given to the public in recent months to avoid contagion, apparently next to his partner, kissing and holding hands and face. As always happens on platforms, the critics reached the first impression, making the topic a trend in the face of so many publications about it.

The perspective of the media obeys the comments of the spectators who cannot conceive of their nationals from the point of view of Americans, according to them, since it must also be said that even Mexicans who have been able to go to that nation, point out who have the same point of view on the deal and other aspects that the series suggests.

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