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Viviparous Lost a Kitten: Networks Furiously Demand that it be Returned to its Owners

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Viviparous Lost a Kitten: Networks Furiously Demand that it be Returned to its Owners

Viviparous is in real trouble, the airline lost a kitten named Mel. The owners would have paid a special ticket for the pet, but they did not allow it access to the cabin, its Owners so they handed it over to travel in the area destined for animals, but upon reaching the destination, the passenger received the news that the They had lost.

“Today my daughter traveled on a Viva Aerobics flight and arriving at the destination of the flight (Flight VB3255) Guadalajara they lost our kitten Honey, I gave them to her at the reception in the pet area in her hands and in my hands I want South Africa Email Address Honey back . The ticket was to take her in a seat and they did not allow it, now they do not answer me or the calls, I have a broken heart and my daughter is worse, ”shared the owner of the kitten.

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Pets are more than companion animals for more and more people, who consider them members of the family. In Mexico alone, 8 out of 10 citizens have a pet, where 65 percent consider it part of their family, according to the Strategic Communication Cabinet (GEE).

In fact, Gale revealed that 4 out of 10 see companion animals as practice babies in what they analyze whether they are betting on becoming parents to a human. In addition, an analysis by the American Pet Products Association revealed that they invest large amounts of money in caring for their pets, which grows on average 12 percent annually.

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However, Viva Aerobics apparently is not interested in solving the case, much less answering for the loss of the kitten. This is terrible for the brand, especially at a time when what they lack are customers.

Internet set a precedent when Twitter user reported on social media that when traveling with the company, she lost her dog named “Mike”. The owner of the pet revealed that: “Internet lost my dog ​​at the airport a few hours ago, flight 3988 DD-Houston entrepreneurial, please help me spread the word!”

With the hashtag interdenominational, thousands of users joined the search, while the company indicated that “despite our efforts and joint work mobile lead with its owners, until now we have not been able to locate Mike.” But the case finally ended with Mike at home.

Unlike Internet, Viviparous has not communicated anything on its official social networks, which aggravates the brand crisis they present, as it denotes that the company has no interest in solving the problem.

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