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Volvo Trucks leaves Mexico and this is the reason

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Volvo Trucks leaves Mexico and this is the reason

The figures are not encouraging for companies and not only that, but the contingency has left losses that make their stay in the country unsustainable, this is the case of Volvo Trucks de México. The company reported through a press release that because the global business scenario has changed significantly as a result of the health crisis, as well as the natural transformation of the transportation industry.

The Swedish automaker carried out an in-depth analysis of its business strategy and has finally concluded that for now the best decision is to discontinue Denmark Email Address the sale of its entire portfolio of trucks in the Mexican nation. With 25 years of presence in the national market and an important fleet of trucks sold (Volvo VNR Series, VNL Series and VAH Series), Volvo Trucks is leaving Mexico.

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“It has been a difficult decision, for which many economic and market factors have been taken into account. We will continue to accompany our customers in their operations and we will fulfill the commitment that, for 25 years, Volvo Trucks has acquired with the Mexican market. Although we will discontinue the sale of Volvo tractors, we will retain the service and spare parts operation to support the warranties and maintenance needs of our customers, ”said Luz Elena Adjuration, General Director of Volvo.

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The company will only leave a part to provide support and attention to its customers, and will maintain the maintenance operations and distribution of spare parts, through the existing network of dealers. And the Mack Trucks brand, of North American mobile lead origin and marketed by the Volvo Group in Mexico, will maintain the marketing of its current product portfolio through the currently established dealer network.

And to be clear, Rafael Kiel, President of Volvo Group Mexico and Director of Volvo Buses Mexico, indicated that “the business units of Volvo Group Mexico will maintain their normal operations in the context of the market in which each one competes. The Volvo Group reaffirms its commitment to the development of sustainable transport solutions in Mexico and the success of the clients it serves in our country, ”said the manager.

The group’s operation also includes the Buses, Financial Services and Construction Equipment divisions, which will retain their business model and operations established in the country.

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