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Disney Plus reaches 86 million subscribers in one year, its goal by 2024

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Disney Plus reaches 86 million subscribers in one year, its goal by 2024

November 12, 2019 in the United States, Disney CEO Bob Capek revealed. The streaming content platform has exceeded its own forecasts, as it pointed to the figure for 2024. “Disney Plus has exceeded our expectations,” said the manager.

Netflix has a real rival in front of it, which to be precise it has achieved in a year, which they have in many, but also, Capek announced that Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email Address
Hutu has reached 38.8 million subscribers and ESPN Plus has accumulated 11.5 million subscribers. Disney’s streaming services now have a combined total of 137 million subscribers.

This subscriber report has been made since its arrival in Latin America at the end of November of this year, although since before the launch, Capek announced that Disney Plus had accumulated just under 75 million subscribers worldwide.

With its new milestone, Disney has accomplished more in one year than executives originally hoped to accomplish by 2024. Most interestingly, Disney Plus is still expanding and has a long way to go, so Netflix is ​​just beginning to see the might of the platform.

Bob Chapel, CEO of Disney.
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Currently, Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers mobile lead around the world, after years of struggling in the segment, but the 86 subscribers in just over a year say a lot about what Disney Plus will be in a few years.

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For now, Milan and the second season of The Manorial stand out, which is one of the most watched programming in the United States, according to data from Nielsen.

There will be more live actions like Cruelly and Pinocchio and the Marvel Studios series will finally start premiering and there will likely be more to see from Star Wars, Pillar and more.

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