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Disney announces its next releases: the number and themes make them trending

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Disney announces its next releases: the number and themes make them trending

The Walt Disney Company announced to its investors on Thursday that its streaming service Disney Plus will close the year with 86.8 million subscribers worldwide.

Bob Capek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and Bob Igor, CEO and Chairman of the Board, a virtual event aimed at investors was held, highlighting the impressive numbers that include more than 137 million subscriptions throughout the world with its products Disney Plus ( 86.8 million subscribers), Hull (38.8 million subscribers) and ESPN Plus (11.5 million subscribers).

Its numerous announcements and unexpected plans made Disney a trend, while viewers around the world highlighted why the company is a leader in content, despite starting streaming in some regions such as Latin America.

Its new forecasts point to its streaming services reaching between 300 and 350 million total subscriptions by fiscal year 2024, mainly Czechia B2B List driven by a significant increase in content production (Currently, Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers worldwide). Only Disney Plus aims to release more than 100 titles per year.

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Marvel, Star Wars and its animated classics were the necessary hook for the company to attract more and more subscribers, which is why it plans to launch 10 series based on the Star Wars universe, 10 more from Marvel and 15 live-action film versions.

In addition, it will continue with Disney Animation and Pillar productions. Other company announcements include the premiere mobile lead of the animated film Raya and the last dragon.

Other projects include “Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers,” an animated live-action hybrid film; “Pinocchio,” directed by Robert Peckish and starring Tom Hanks; “Peter Pan & Wendy”; and “Disenchanted,” with Amy Adams returning as Giselle.

Pillar Animation Studios is Pillar’s first full-length animated series, “Win ​​or Lose,” which premieres exclusively on Disney Plus in Fall 2023, and two new feature films slated for theaters in 2022, “Turning Red” and “Light year. ”, The definitive origin story of the hero who inspired the toy.

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