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Gandhi reflects what 2020 was like in an extreme spectacular announcement

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Gandhi reflects what 2020 was like in an extreme spectacular announcement

Libraries Gandhi has found infallible allies in advertising and marketing that have accustomed consumers to seeing executions that even went viral. In his latest idea, from the hand of the Monumental agency, they launched new spectacular in the Mexican streets that perfectly describe the 202nd.

An extreme spectacular announcement tries to reflect the perspective of almost everyone on the fateful 2020, the year when millions of people Denmark Email List in the world died from a virus that shook global health. In addition to this tragedy, industries were hit hard and the economy in general is quite weak.

Unemployment in Mexico skyrocketed. Between March and last July, 1,117 thousand 584 layoffs were registered in the country, of which 873,941 (78.2 percent) corresponded to paid jobs with no more than two minimum wages, according to data from the Mexican Institute of Social Security ( IMSS).

And investment in marketing and advertising is plummeting. From Group M they point to a growth percentage of 12.3 percent. While for 2020 it warns a closure with a reduction of 5.8 percent. Meanwhile, Zenith forecasts an increase of 5.6 percent and a decrease of 7.5 percent this year. For its part, Manga predicts growth of 4 percent.

Everything is as bleak a picture as the OOH posed by Monumental and Gandhi.

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It had previously caused a furor this year with another execution, revealed on its official Facebook profile, with a new design that indicates that mobile lead Librettos Gandhi has its own stamps of the new front labeling marked by the authorities with: Excess of imagination, Excess of adventures and Excess responses. It immediately generated positive reactions for turning a controversial issue into an action that generates attention to the brand, without attacking either side of the coin.

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The companies have chosen well with OOH, which is going down in terms of investment, but which maintains its unerring effect. 36 percent of the Mexicans consulted about what feelings outdoor advertising generates, reflects that they are curious, this reaction being the one that obtained the highest percentage, regarding entertainment, distraction, indifference, among others.

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