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The problem of satisfaction in times of fake news

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The problem of satisfaction in times of fake news

The Netflix series tells us a lot about what consumers want to see from the brands, entertaining content that does not need to be classified as fact or fiction, it just has to be credible and have the ability to create curiosity.

What can we learn from the new generation of content?
The great challenge for brands is to create content with a high level of credibility but which is above all attractive to consumers. The problem is that content that is not based on fiction has lost the support of advertisers and today it is adrift from the endless needs of “attractiveness” that the end consumer seeks. As the newscasts of the 1960 s lost their advertiser sponsorship and the way to full news channels opened, CNN became one of the first formats to deliver news consistently for 24 hours. This eventually became entertainment Djbouti Email Address. Today the news networks have been filled with opinion leaders, analysts and commentators. Journalism remained in the hands of the audience: the greater the audience, the greater the sale of advertising,

For the great generators of modern content, television channels are a forgotten thing, for Facebook the content comes from the volume of comments and posts created by avid users around the world. For Netflix it is the minutes watched of series and the constant nourishment of an algorithm that tells it what will be the content of greater or lesser value for each user. Now in a baroque process of the media, TikTok comes to us in which a video of a few seconds achieves billions of views in a short time. Sure, the videos put in infinite loops are part of the formula to get to those numbers. An obvious example of tailored video creation for the masses, to the rhythm of “M to the B” and with Cosplay gestures, I have achieved the ideal combination for the masses to see the video billions of times.

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The democratization of communication also reached politics. Biden’s campaign spent $ 1,063,053,521 between April 1, 2019 and November 23, 2020, according to its post-general election report submitted to the FEC on December 3. That is, a cost of just over $ 13 USD for each of the 81,271,129 votes. In contrast in Mexico. Andres Manuel Lopez Labrador, presidential candidate of the ‘Together We’ll Make History’ coalition and virtual winner of the electoral contest, spent 85 million 149 thousand 953 pesos on his campaign, according to the latest reports from the Institute’s Comprehensive Inspection System (SIF ) Electoral National (INE). That is, 30 million votes, 2.83 pesos per vote. About 20 times less than in the US.

The use of large budgets of money to create messages that mathematically convince society, ranges from entertainment to politics. For that reason, it is perfectly feasible that the new political marketing tool in the next election is precisely Netflix.

Brands seek to reach consumer preference in any way possible and the competition is increasingly fierce, the closure of retailers globally will only increase; war will be waged on e-Commerce. For this reason, truth and fiction will lose relevance and the only mobile lead thing that will have value is the level of attention of the users. This would be a very dire scenario for marketing and communication professionals.

If the message may or may not be true and the only thing that matters is that it is well received, the advice of a communications director would be more than enough. The most important struggle in the coming years is to favor truthfulness over the “massiveness” of the message, this will be for the benefit of all, consumers, brands and governments. However, it will never be possible if the consumer does not choose to pay the cost that this truth requires. This is true in the content of the food, we cannot expect to buy a box of bread for a peso and have organic ingredients, it is simply impossible. For that reason, Efforts to create paid sites like the NYT or recently El Universal in Mexico are of so much value. Value content, quality food or long-lasting products carry a significant cost for the consumer, you will have to pay to obtain them and that will completely change the direction of work worldwide. We must not follow the path of “massiveness” and low price without regard to the consequences it has on our well-being as a society.

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