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Types of Reviews your Brand can Face and How to Manage Them

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Types of Reviews your Brand can Face and How to Manage Them

The popularity of the digital world has allowed brands, among other things, to enhance their reach, however, it has also made them more exposed to the opinions that consumers have regarding them. By disregarding elements of this type, brands risk losing crucial aspects of today, such as trust or reputation. As shared by the firm Inc., up to 84 percent of people trust reviews as much as they do their own friends, so everything that people say can benefit or affect your brand. From your site, Forbes He shares that brands or companies that have 4 or more negative opinions (or articles) risk losing up to 70 percent of their consumers. Given the importance of these messages, below we leave you with some types of reviews that brands should know and understand how to manage.

According to Marketing Profs, there are at least 8 types of reviews in the digital world that brands must know how to manage to avoid problems in areas such as reputation. These are:

Fake reviews

The first of these types of reviews is those made by individuals who have never used the product or service before, yet have taken the time to generate a negative message that affects the brand or their products or services.

According to the source, it is possible that they Sweden Email Address are people who are paid by the competition with the intention of affecting the brand.

If yours has this problem, the best way to solve it is by considering the following 3 actions:

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Delete the fake review (only if it’s really fake).
Research the person who made it.
Get in touch with the person to clarify the situation.
Repetitive reviews

This second type of reviews is generated by people or consumers who refer to content from other reviews, that is, they repeat what has already been said previously about your brand or its products and services.

These reviews can be of special importance for companies because the repetition of the comments highlights that there is a particular problem that must be addressed since more than one consumer experiences it. So if you want to better manage reviews of this type, you should follow these steps:

Take reviews seriously.
Prioritize improvements based on these messages.
Commit to correcting the problem as soon as possible.
Dramatic reviews

The third of these types of reviews, while they may look unreal at times, also deserve attention. As can be understood by its name, these are those that exaggerate many aspects of the experience that the consumer had. The main objective may be to gain the attention of the brand as quickly as possible.

The above can make dealing with these messages a bit complex, so it is advisable to bear in mind the following actions:

Be measured in the response to the consumer.
Touch each of the points that it addresses.
Be on the lookout for more comments from this person.
Illustrative reviews

Among the different types of reviews, these are the ones that can make problems easier to understand. Those who arrive with these types of messages are prolific storytellers who share extensive and detailed messages about your product or service and their experience with it for other people to read.

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Particularly when they are positive they can turn into great testimonials to boost brand confidence.

To deal with these types of consumer reviews, it is necessary to consider the 3 points below:

Only reply to the relevant parts of your message.
Use the same tone used by the consumer.
Thank you for the level of detail in your review.
Direct reviews

In a sense contrary to the previous type of review, direct reviews are understood as messages that can be extremely short and direct to the mobile lead point to highlight a specific aspect that has been good or bad.

These types of reviews can be difficult to deal with, so actions such as:

Avoid dwelling on the answer more than necessary.
Do not be so abrupt when responding to the consumer.
And quickly deal with concerns or problems that are manifesting themselves.
Confusing reviews

Among the different types of reviews, you also need to be careful with these. According to the source, these are people who in a certain way seek to help others, but may have the details of your product or services misunderstood.

As you can imagine, the above can cause confusion that affects the results or the perception of the company.

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