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Affiliate marketing: what it is and how to implement it in your strategy

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Affiliate marketing: what it is and how to implement it in your strategy

Today we consume digital content more frequently and actively than in the past, and the trend indicates that it will continue to grow exponentially. But how can we use this trend to sell?

It is not a secret that to create a strategy for your company it is first necessary to recognize your target audience and know how to communicate with them. This is what affiliate marketing is responsible for , one of the tools to contact your audience in a directed and almost organic way in a digital space that you frequent.

If you want to know this concept in Brunei email address depth and know how it can help your business, I encourage you to keep reading!

Advantages of affiliate marketing for the brand

  • Brand visibility in digital spaces.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) product of backlinks.
  • Increase in sales, leads, followers, etc.
  • Endorsement of an opinion leader.

Affiliate Marketing Challenges

  • Custom creation of the affiliate program: commission percentages, calculation payments per conversion, etc.
  • Time and resources for affiliate tracking.
  • Attract the right affiliates.

Since we know what it is about, what advantages we will have when implementing it and what are the challenges that we will have to face, the next step is to know if it is convenient for you and your company. Do you meet the following requirements?

  • You have an ecommerce.
  • You have calculated the value per sale.
  • Your target surfs the internet.

If you answered yes to all of them, congratulations! You can incorporate affiliate marketing into your to improve your results.

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There is more than one way to implement affiliate marketing, the ideal is to design the plan for you. For this, you have to follow different steps that I will explain below, do not miss it!

Affiliate Marketing: Steps to Create Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing: what it is and how to implement it in your strategy

When does an affiliate commission?

The first thing is to define which metric is most valuable to you . Here are some examples that can help you define this point:

  • If you have a high resale value or a high average ticket , you may want to commission per closed sale.
  • If you offer a service or a product of very high value such as cars or apartments in which the client normally makes a contact prior to the purchase, you will want to commission by scheduled visit.
  • There are also companies that pay a sum for the traffic directed to the page every certain number of leads.

As you can see, the commission indicator should be calculated solely by the purchasing behavior of your customers.

2. What is the correct commission?

To calculate the commission, you must first be clear about the cost of the product and its profit. If you have already decided that the commission is given for conversion or purchase, the usual is 5% or 10% .

But beware! Always calculate the costs. We don’t want to lose money on cost, unless you know it will pay off thanks to the high buyback value of your product.

3. How do I identify commissions?

There are programs, such as Affise and similar, that automate the relationship of commissions, referral limits so as not to go over budget, and help to calculate commission value and others. These tools are very complete and charge monthly payments according to your needs.

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But if you want a low-budget strategy and you have the time to design your own plan, you should not worry because it is not complicated: we only need a tracking URL and have our website connected to Google Analytics.

To create a tracking URL you can use this where you will specify the campaign and the affiliate. Once created, you share it with the affiliate partner and in your Analytics tray you will find real-time measurements of traffic, pages visited, conversions and everything you need to know about the behavior of the leads of each

examples of companies that work with affiliate marketing

Many companies use this strategy, which helps not only to bring more traffic but also to improve SEO thanks to the backlinks that are built throughout the network.


Shopify is a prime example that leverages affiliate marketing with little human effort. It has an automated scheme where creators can register through a form, and Shopify creates pre-designed parts and articles as an option to make the mobi lelead work of both bloggers and influencers and those who have to approve the mention easing case you want to know the Shopify affiliate program in more depth.


Amazon, for its part, in addition to having the online registration, also has partners such as IMDb, which has a gigantic database. The commissions are quite promising and are scalable depending on the affiliate traffic.

Visit the link for more details and requirements


In this case, offers businesses the possibility of integrating their different products for clients on their web pages in exchange for commissions for each reservation made through the tool. And they do this through an affiliate program.

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Also technological tools join affiliate marketing, and in this case they offer different and interesting commissions depending on the type of lead generated. If you want to know more details,

Understanding more about the affiliate world, you may want to learn more about and even apply this technique. And we don’t blame you, because online marketing is constantly changing, but it is clear that organic traffic is representative when it comes to calculating the success of your brand. published a study where it attributes at least 21% of online billing to SEO. So get to work!

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