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Tools to help you develop influencer marketing

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Tools to help you develop influencer marketing

The degree of importance of influencer marketing is one that implies that teams in companies must look for the appropriate tools to get the most out of this effort in order to achieve a great return on investment. Did you know that the ROI of influencer marketing can reach $ 5.78 for each one invested? This data from the Influence Marketing Hub is just one that shows why it is important to seek the best possible result. That is why below we will see some tools that can be of great help for the development of campaigns that have better results.

According to Shane Barker, a consultant for the firm Mattock, these are some platforms that can help marketing teams in developing campaigns with influences:

Buzz Sumo

The idea when using this platform is to find creators or content producers who are influences.

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Once the topics to be discussed with the influences are clear, it is necessary to fulfill this task. With Buzz Sumo, you can find influences who have their own Chile Email List blogs with an established reader base. These influences can put brands in front of their audience and their blog subscribers.

If you have a focus on creating videos or podcasts, you can use Buzz Sumo with its advanced filters to access influences that have expertise in those content formats. Better yet, you can filter influences by platform, niche, engagement levels, and more.


It’s important that when screening creators to collaborate on influencer marketing efforts, teams don’t get swayed by vanity metrics like follower count. Rather, you should choose to identify influences who have genuinely engaged and responsive followers.

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For this, tools such as Trackback can be used to analyze the quality of the influences’ audiences and engagement rates. This band-in-data tool uses Machine Learning to analyze interactions between influences and followers. If the objectives are inconsistent or uninspiring in your messages, the tool will indicate this through a point system.

On the other hand, with the statistics that the tool shows, you can easily compare the influences from a short list and select those who have real authority and engagement.

Smarter HQ

The purpose of this tool is to personalize the experiences of visitors who arrive led by influences.

Once influencer marketing efforts begin to drive traffic to the blog, it is important not to become complacent and let unique visitors leave mobile lead without converting. They can be re-targeted on social media platforms with attractive offers, up sells, and calls. to custom action.

This is where Smarter HQ comes in, this last platform that we highlight allows you to create a personalized multichannel experience for visitors and customers.

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