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Coca-Cola embellished clogs: Cross’ new craze

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Coca-Cola embellished clogs: Cross’ new craze

Croce is back in fashion, not only because medical personnel need them more than ever, but because in general almost everyone is in confinement, plus the new generations with special editions with Bad Bunny or Justin Bier.

The latter decided that his Croce should be styled in a bright orange and feature custom Jibbing elements. In the minutes after Briber’s announcement, Croce shares rose 7 to 8 percent before hitting a definite rise of 11 percent, trading at a high of $ 47.81 on October 1.

It also happened like this with the “Classic Clog Bad Bunny”, which went on sale on September 29 at a retail price of 60 dollars, which now Chile Email Address multiply on pages such as Stock X or Goat, where they are being sold for up to 350 dollars , six times more than its initial price. In addition to being designed by the singer and having special Jibbing that glow in the dark.

Now these Jibbing are from Coca-Cola, in a smooth between both brands in the new madness of Crocs adorned with the soda.

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In the image that he presented through his official social networks, answered by the soft drink company itself, you can see the pins in the shape of a bottle cap and Coca-Cola can.

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The company has found in the alliance with a company of decorative elements and celebrities, a growth opportunity that did not have on the radar mobile lead, until now, that the contingency seems to have brought the best out of its marketing team.

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Croce has won in the last five years in every way, especially during 2020, in a context in which the retail sales of footwear in the United States have decreased by 20 percent year-to-date, compared to the same period in 2019, the brand’s sales are up 48 percent, according to Matt Powell, an analyst at NPD Group, a market research firm.

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