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5 precepts of Bill Gates on current effective leadership

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5 precepts of Bill Gates on current effective leadership

Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 when he was just 20 years old and built a company that is now known throughout the world. Their $ 119.4 billion in fortune, rank him as the fourth richest person in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

For some this is synonymous with success and that he is probably someone to be emulated in the best of senses, trying to take the positive aspects that his position of him has allowed him, in the hope of improving his financial situation.

Some of your habits can mean a boost in the short and even long term and that is why what you share with the world becomes relevant, especially Colombia Email Address in a context in which the economy and health go through bad times due to the contingency.

The millionaire shares his perspective of him from his popular blog Gates Notes and even in interviews, he does not hesitate to provide his perspective and day-to-day activities, reveals his philosophy of him to grow in the business world and be a true leader.

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Among its precepts is the ability to adapt as one of the protagonists: “companies fail for many reasons. Sometimes they are poorly managed, sometimes they just don’t create the products that customers want. However, I think the biggest killer of a company, especially in fast-changing industries like ours, is the refusal to adapt to change. ”

This comes ad choc to the current panorama that encourages them to adapt quickly to the new needs and behaviors that the contingency has left in its wake and as a leader, help others to do so.

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It is also in this environment that Gates shared that at a family level, his children spend more time at home, which in personal relationships within his family is very important, while he has been able to do many things on his own. At the end of each year, he asks himself “Did I spend enough time with my family? Or did I develop new friendships and deepen the old ones? He does this because he knows that in a leader he sees in the family it is a definite impulse, an engine that leads to professional growth.

As a third point, he indicated that sometimes leadership involves something as simple to think about as facing problems, yet so complicated to do: “Since I was a teenager, I have approached all the big new problems in the same way, starting with two questions mobile lead. I used this technique at Microsoft and I still use it today. ”

Gates is a true believer that every leader has an inherent instinct that he must obey: “We made good business decisions, like focusing our efforts on the Intel 8080 chip, even though in the early days they didn’t seem like such good decisions. ”

Finally, I shared that a leader is always at the service of others giving his maximum of him: “sometimes we promised more to our clients than anyone else could really offer. To achieve this we stayed up later and worked harder ”.

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