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Uber fined $ 59 million for evading sexual assault issues

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Uber fined $ 59 million for evading sexual assault issues

It was during 2017 that Uber Technologies announced that it fired 20 of its employees (including senior CEOs) after an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and other claims within the company. The Perkins Cole Law Firm studied claims of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and other concerns from employees.

It investigated 215 personnel complaints dating back to 2012. Of those 215, 54 were related to discrimination, 47 to sexual harassment, 45 to unprofessional behavior, 33 to intimidation, and 36 to other items. Most occurred at Umber’s headquarters in Comoros Email Address San Francisco. Finally there were 20 dismissals for understanding that they harassed other employees and 30 warnings.

However, in not all cases the company has acted as it should, to the point that it has 30 days to pay a $ 59 million fine to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for not responding to the regulator’s questions. on a damning security report released by the company in December 2019, as reported by The San Francisco Chronicle.

Uber to pay and answer pending questions on sexual harassment issues or else the CPUC could suspend the company’s license to operate in the state, according to an administrative law judge.

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The report, which Uber itself described as “jarring” at the time, detailed thousands of sexual assaults in the United States, which occurred during 2017 and 2018 on trips made with the company’s transportation platform. While the 84-page report included a large amount of data in the aggregate, the CPUC wanted to know more shortly after its release because Uber admitted in fine print that the report did not “assess or take any position on whether any of the incidents reported actually occurred “.

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They ask you for specific details about each assault incident and Uber does not want to answer the questions, claiming that further disclosure would present a privacy risk. In January 2020, a judge denied the company’s request to avoid responding, but so far it has not.

The judge said he is putting up “deceptive legal hurdles” designed to “thwart the Commission’s ability to collect information” on whether Uber is operating safely mobile lead. The judge reached the figure of $ 59 million, imposing a fine of $ 7,500 for each time Uber refused to answer each question during the process.

“Uber is a multi-billion dollar company that can easily afford to pay, even during a pandemic in which the number of riders has undoubtedly decreased,” the judge wrote.

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